Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A morning walk

It was the most beautiful morning for a walk.

Otis and Riley were so happy to be out and about, especially since we were headed to the park.

We walked past the house at the end of our block and their front yard was lined with gardenia bushes that were all in bloom. It smelled heavenly!

You could also smell the ligustrum blooms at the park. They remind me of lilacs, a very sweet fragrance.

Of course, I had to bring home a magnolia bloom from the park with it's fresh clean scent. I put it in one of my pretty tea cups and now the house smells so good.

I love mornings like this.


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Donna, I love to take morning walks for exercise. Especially at this time of year, when everything is coming to life, I find it so inspiring....

Otis and Riley look pooped out. : )


Protege said...

What a lovely walk; I love the scent of magnolias. I remember how beautiful the trees were when in bloom in Durham.

Angie said...

Oh Donna, it sounds like the perfect walk!! And with wienies running ahead of you scouting things out and running back to 'tell' you what is ahead. :) Your boys are so precious. I miss my Badger desperately.

Donna said...

Look at that magnolia!!! How gorgeous!! Thanks for the walk!!hughugs

Beverly said...

Isn't it wonderful that we have these moments to carry us through our days?

Thank you for sharing your walk with us.

NCmountainwoman said...

I loved this post. I could almost smell the wonderful smells. Looks like the dogs had a good time as well.