Friday, August 29, 2008

Two paintings

I did this painting on watercolor paper using acrylic paint.

Narcissus ~ The December Flower

This one is a watercolor painting. Old pottery.

You can find both of these on my etsy shop, whimsytwo, along with other paintings and whimsical things!


Jan said...

Love them both Donna. Once again, you knock the socks off of me with your talents. Thanks.


Ruth Welter said...

I love both of these Donna...cannot really pick a favorite!!

PS said...

You have the most lovely blog I've ever seen.
I'm new to blogging and you are my inspiration.
Your vigor for art and life is so uplifting.
I have to ask if I can link to your blog?

If not I'll understand.
You're a keeper.
Thanks so much for sharing.


PS said...

Yeah !

Mimi Sue said...

I love forced narcissus during the holidays. The smell is so fresh it brings some brightness to our dreary winters. You have such a talent, love both paintings. Mimi

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Donna,
They are both wonderful! The narcissus is my favorite! Love the colors in it so much!

Meggie said...

Love them both but have to say the flower is my favorite.

Catherine Holman said...

I need to try watercolor again sometime. I just finished a painting that took 2 weeks and I'm exhausted! Beautiful paintings Donna!

Fifi Flowers said...

VERY NICE paintings! YOU have TONS of talent!

Pat said...

Lovely Donna! I love narcissus.

Suzanne said...

Both paintings are beautiful Donna! Love them both!