Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bringing those house plants inside for the winter.

Hello, my friends.  Do you do what I do and take your house plants outside for the summer and then bring them back inside for the winter?  Of course, I guess it depends on where you live.  I think my plants grow twice the size when they are outside in the fresh air and sunshine (or shade) all summer long.  Today I brought the last of them inside. 

Despite the fact that it's heading toward the end of October, there is still some summer lingering around the yard.  Flowers are blooming and  I even captured a butterfly on the black and blue salvia.  I always find it hard to let go of summer, but once it turns cold I find comfort in the warmth of our home, sitting by the fire, working on a puzzle or cozying up with a good book. 

Today was a good day for porch sitting and puttering in the garden.
Hope you are enjoying your day!


Sheila said...

We spent yesterday cleaning up and tidying the garden. We emptied the planters and put them and the garden furniture away. It feels good to know we are ready for the Winter weather but the garden looks so bare. I'm quite envious of your flowers, they've done really well.

Patsi said...

I've been away too long...Sorry to hear about Riley. We don't get enough sunlight in the house for house plants (well just a snake plant). Still some life in the yard like the roses but anything tender died off do to frost last week. Our lives and garden have changed since we adopted two 17 lbs. dogs. The 6 year old dog (Kai) decided to make paths through my garden beds...lost many plants so things change. I do have some ideas to still make it presentable.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

I used to bring in my Christmas cactus, but eventually it get hit by front one year and never recovered.

Donna said...

Nothing to bring in...I just cover most and hope they come back!Lolol

Donna said...

Merry Christmas!!

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