Thursday, May 1, 2014

May baskets

Welcome May!  Do you remember May baskets?  

May Day, the first day of May, was celebrated by making up small baskets filled with flowers and then left at someone's door.  Have you ever done that?  
When I was young I took a piece of colored construction paper, made a cone, and filled it with flowers that I picked from my Mom's garden.  I left it on the door knob of a neighbor lady named Mrs. Bankus.  I knocked on her door and then ran home.  I remember her as the lady with the beautiful flower garden and sometimes I would sneak in her back garden and smell the flowers.   

We also celebrated May Day at school with a dance around the Maypole and crowning a May Queen from the May Court.  

all images from Google images

May is one of my favorite months, as it is the time when spring peaks and everywhere gardens are filled with color.  

Happy May!  


Catherine Holman said...

I have a friend who does this with her neighbor every year. I think it's sweet!

Susan said...

I had never heard of this and now you are the second blog I have seen it on. Is it an American custom or did it come from Europe? It is a lovely idea.

Balisha said...

I do remember those little baskets. We used to fill them on the way home from grade school. A big lilac tree along the way supplied the flowers along with violets and dandelions.
Happy May Day!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I remember May Day as quite an occasion, especially at school, such a shame this all seems to have been set aside. It was such fun as a child to dance around the May Pole.

Mimi Sue said...

Yes! May baskets! Don't see them much anymore. Mimi


What great color!

Pondside said...

May is my favourite month for many reasons. I love the old tradition, and remember it well from when we lived in Germany.

Donna said...

Oh these are SO pretty Donna! Brightens your day right up!