Thursday, January 23, 2014

Antiques and junk and my finished painting

One of my favorite things to do is shop at antique shops, flea markets, junk stores, and consignment shops.  Not far from our house is a small country town that is filled with all of these kinds of shops.  Talk about a fun day....!

This is an old Homer Laughlin china plate I found for $6.00.  The color is a creamy, almost sepia tone color, which I love.  I am planning on hanging plates like this above the buffet mirror in the dining room.     

 As you can see I don't have any hanging yet.  

I also found a galvanized watering can.  You can always use one of these in the garden, right?  Only $12.00.  

It amazes me how much stuff you can find and how many ideas you can get from exploring shops like this.  

On the way home Galen and I saw a rainbow!  We were heading straight for it.  Can you see it?  What a beautiful sight.  

Oh, and I finished my garden potting table painting, finally.  It's already hanging on the wall.

Enjoy your day!


Balisha said...

I love visiting antique shops in small towns. It's so much fun to find a bargain and then bring it home, clean it up, and decorate with it....often using it in a different way than it was intended.
Your painting is so nice...acrylics or oils?

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

Those were some great finds. I love shopping like that too. All of the antique stores around here are in old warehouses and this time of the year they are freezing inside!

Love your painting.

Happy@Home said...

Your painting turned out just beautiful, Donna. If you hadn't told me it was a painting I would have thought it was the real thing.
Your day out looks like a fun one and what a nice way to finish it with that pretty rainbow.
I love to visit shops like that. It's like a treasure hunt. You sure did find some nice treasures.

Jen Newmeyer said...

Oh, Mom - do I have two FABULOUS antique/flea market places in Wake Forest. We need to plan a day - they are awesome... I know you will love them!

camp and cottage living said...

Your plates will look nice above your buffet and mirror Donna and that was a real steal on the watering can!
I once paid over 50. for one.

Anonymous said...

I am new here and enjoying what you share. Your painting - totally beautiful work of art - love it and the colors are great..


Donna said...

Oh, the painting turned out Wonderfully Donna!!!
And I wish there were stores like that around here!
Love the plate...

Mimi Sue said...

Looks like you found some fun things! Love the painting you finished too. Be careful on those icy roads. Spring should be here soon??! Mimi

Kerrie said...

Oh, I love the painting, beautiful! I love looking in shops, too! Had fun catching up on your beautiful blogsite. :)