Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dovecote ~ a house for dove or pigeons.

Dovecotes are unique and sometimes beautiful structures. I've always loved them.

We have a lot of dove that nest every year in our pergola over the back patio and sometimes in the jasmine over the front door. They build their flimsy little nests wherever they can.

I got to thinking the other day, wouldn't it be nice to have a dovecote here at Mourning Dove Cottage?

(Hubby holds his breath whenever I come up with one of my ideas.)

But he said he would make one for me.

I showed him the photos, and I like this white one above and this one below.

And speaking of dove, one has already built it's nest in the pergola out back.

Oh, how I love watching them and hearing their soft coos.

Just a matter of time now until I have my new dovecote

(or should I say the dove will have their new dovecote)!


Sherri said...

Donna, I love the last picture of the blue dovecote-just gorgeous! I had a ring-necked dove for 13 years (she was an inside dove) and I would love to hear her coo! Can't wait to see the dovecote your hubby makes!!

Happy@Home said...

Whenever I see a Mourning Dove I think of you, Donna. I remember how they build their nests at your house. I think your cottage should definitely have a dovecote. I look forward to seeing what your hubby comes up with.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

It will be fantastic Donna!! Perfect for your Mourning Dove Cottage.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

These are all wonderful and would be so pretty in the garden...I hope you get your wish.(-:

Cherrie said...

Great post!

Donna said...

Ahhhh! Love the last one!
What a sweet hubby you have Donna!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a wonderful idea! The Dovecotes look so pretty -- like cottages for the birds--and I know they would be happy to move in!

I like Mourning Dove coos. It is so soft and gentle.

Catherine Holman said...

I love the cooing sound that mourning doves make. Can't wait to see your dovecote.

CIELO said...

I love mourning doves, and my garden seem to be a favorite to them, but I'm till dreaming (and hoping)that one day I'll see the Spotted Dove, Bleeding-heart, or the white Dove visiting my garden... ;) A dream, right? ;) I so love your garden, Donna. It feels so serene and green and totally wonderful.



Zuzana said...

I recall last time you had a dove nesting.;))
I never knew there was such "houses" for doves, how interesting.;) Yes, I think you should certainly build one.;)
Have a lovely rest of the week dear Donna,

Angie said...

You are so lucky that you have a hubby that is talented like that. :) I can't wait to see your dovecote.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

A dovecote....never knew that was the name of them - they are all fantastic! We don't think your doves will be too picky with which one - they look pretty content as it is! Looking forward to seeing what you end up with...perhaps a few more on etsy then?!!