Monday, April 18, 2011

Roses and lavender

Knock Out Rose

My rose bush has a beautiful creamy yellow bloom on it!

It's a new rose bush that I bought last year and it wasn't looking very promising. I wasn't sure it was going to bloom, but it did. And it has more buds coming. I am quite happy because I would like to grow more and more roses in the garden. lavender plant has loads of blooms and it smells sooooo good.

Just wanted to show you some blooms in my garden.


Darla said...

I bought that same rose just this year and I love it, I also just cut the old blooms off of my Spanish Lavender....lovely!

Donna said...

Lavendar....Love the stuff! Yours is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Two of my favorite flowers. I planted some lavender seeds and two knock out red rose bushes in my fenced yard. Can't wait for all the seeds to come up.

Deb said...

Loved your flowers and houses post Donna ~ what a pretty neighbourhood you live in!
Your garden looks wonderful already ...we have had flurries these past few days (thankfully nothing landing) :-)

Happy@Home said...

Very pretty. The rose is such a pretty color.
I hope your area wasn't affected by the storms on Saturday.

Ruth Welter said...

Lucky you Donna for having such pretty blooms already. My roses will not be blooming until late May early June. You enjoy them.


Angie said...

That rose is beautiful! Yellow roses are my favorite. :) And look at your Lavender blooming!! Mine hasn't even thought about blooming yet...aren't the sights and smells of Spring just heavenly!! :)