Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's officially autumn.....

....but you'd never be able to tell it here in my neck of the woods. Today it will be 96 degrees, hot and humid.

Last evening I went outside to see the harvest moon around 10:00 pm. It was a beautiful moon and so bright and light at that time of night.

This morning Otis and Riley and I enjoyed the back porch for awhile before the hot sun set in.

I'm still decorating with the American Beautyberries. They're like flowers to me! I've added them with some pine cones in an old red tin pot I have hanging on the back picket fence.

I've also added a rustic branch type wreath to the kitchen window and added some nandina berries and an orange pumpkin.

That's about as much fall as we've got going here.
I'm so looking forward to some cooler weather now that it's officially autumn!

Enjoy your day!


Happy@Home said...

I am soo ready for the cooler weather too. I like to see what you are doing with your berries. I think they are so pretty and like how you have used them. I need to get out and snip some nandinas.
Last night while watching the news I heard the weatherman mention the harvest moon. I thought I should get up and go see it, but laziness won out. Now I wish I would have.

Cass @ That Old House said...

96? And I thought our low 80s was seriously too hot for September 23rd.

Love how you use the berries; you are really creative! Love the wreath on the kitchen window, too -- you show such admirable restraint. I have a tendency to start making a reserved wreath, and end up tossing all sorts of stuff at it, and it just doesn't look "right" then. Maybe someday I'll learn!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Love your header Donna! Yes, it is still warm here too. Sunday it is suppose to cool down into the low 70's. I love what you are doing!

Angie said...

Gorgeous! All of your decorations are gorgeous! :) It's hot and humid here too, Donna. I'm definitely ready for more seasonal temps. The 'Super Harvest Moon' is breathtaking, is it not?? Not another 'super' harvest moon until 2029. How lucky are we to be graced with one. :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy Autumn Donna! We had thunderstorms last night so I couldn't see the moon, and today it is in the 90's.

The berries look so pretty!

Kerrie said...

Thanks for stopping by!! I love your Fall banner. We took pictures of the Harvest Moon last night and Jupiter underneath. But of course it was very small-ha! Just love all your decor. I have wondered what those American berries were called! They are so beautiful. Have a super day, luv, Kerrie

Patsi said...

We have a few warm days coming but mostly the nights are cool.
Everything at your home is just perfect.

Sherri said...

I don't think the South got the memo about it being Fall do you! It is hot here in Charlotte too! I am looking forward to some weather in the 70's next week-atleast that's what the weatherfibbers say!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Wow! those berries are such a vivid purple! Bet they would look great in a painting;0) We liked the cooler-perfect-for-fall weather we WERE having... at least Otis & Riley seem to enjoy it!
Karla & Karrie

Zuzana said...

Happy Autumn dear Donna and I love your tribute to it in text and pictures.;)
Have a lovely Friday,

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Donna,

Oh my goodness- we had fall weather all summer in California and now it is supposed to be 90 at the beach. I know what you mean - it is hard to feel like fall when it is so hot.
I love your berries - the are beautiful and do not look real.
At least we have the harvest moon.
Have a wonderful day.

Brenda Kula said...

I have got to grow those beauties! Still hot here too.

Mimi Sue said...

It's pretty warm here too. Not really fall weather. In about a month I'll be complaining because it's too cold. I think those purpley berries are so beautiful. Mimi

linda said...

We are in Phoenix for parent's weekend at our daughter's college and it was 100 degrees here today! Like you, I'm so ready for some cooler weather!

I wanted to tell you that I gave the painting of Sydney to my friend Barbara this last weekend. She loved it! Thank you again!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Karrie & I were just saying today that we needed to get on the ball & get our fall deco's out! Your displays are perfect! (and that new pear tray is sooooo adorable - you are too good Donna!)
Hope you have a terrific day :)