Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doggie day

Time for Otis and Riley to visit the groomer and get their nails clipped.

Nail clipping........

they're not very happy about,

riding around in the car.....they love.

Otis is wondering how in the world do I drive, hold them in my lap and take pictures at the same time.
I'm actually pretty good at it.


A quick five minutes at the groomer is all it takes.
That's it ~ 5 little minutes.

They really do like their groomer, even though Otis acts like she's killing him.
She always gives them treats.

Treats they like.

After the groomers, it's off to the park to run off some steam.

And then home again.

Just a bit of a doggie day!

Enjoy your day!

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Happy@Home said...

So cute. I am impressed by your skills in the car.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Everytime I read a post of yours with Otis and Riley, it makes me want to go get a dog....they are just precious!

Connie said...

Welcome to blogging, sweetpea. It's always nice for someone to find me and give such sweet comments on th' blog! I sincerely wish I had a talent for painting. Alas, after much practicing my paintings can only get to be almost adequate/recognizable as roses. I'm so pathetic and nowhere around here to take a class. Sigh... But your art is beautiful. Nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by.

Oh, I perused your blog and just find those little cherry light adorable. Wish I could find them around here somewhere!

Mimi Sue said...

Those two are just the cutest things ever. My doggies don't much like the groomer either. A necessary evil I guess. Love that painting you're giving away. Mimi

Angie said...

Oh Donna, they remind me soooo much of my Dewey and Badger! They are just too precious---and you are such a good doggie momma!! They are having a blast at the park. :D (Bayley DETESTS having his paws messed with and he desperately needs a nail trim.)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Otis and Riley have such nice personalities! I love your new header photo, Donna.

Cherrie said...

love the car pictures so cute!

Sherri said...

Those boys are just the cutest things! You really have a talent: driving, taking pics and holding the boys!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

that picture of the dogs zooming around in the car is a riot Donna! Too funny - glad the cops didn't see you on their patrol...they might have had a problem with you taking pictures and driving at the same time :)