Thursday, February 18, 2010

Painting flowers

Flowers ~ old fashioned roses.

I gave this wooden tray (made in hubby's workshop) some hand painted roses. I painted it with shades of brown, tan, olive green, pink, red, yellow and gold. Then I found some handles of brushed gold in the shape of leaves for the two sides.


An old look to a new tray!

I'm very fortunate to have a husband with a workshop that is more than happy to make anything for me. He's made a few tables for our living room and the one below is an end table that I've been wanting to paint for some time with flowers on the front insert.

I finally got around to it this week.

(I'm putting the tray in my etsy shop, so it's available, if you'd like to buy it.)


Cherrie said...

Very pretty!

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Your paintings are beautiful.


Manuela@TPOH said...

The tray is really beautiful!

I also LOVE the red toile vase!


Mimi Sue said...

OK I adore that tray! Really great. So perfect that your hubby can supply you with the things you need for your art. I would love to be able to paint roses like that. Have you ever considered doing a tutorial that we could pay for (like Penny [the comforts of home] did with her mosaic tray tutorial)? I know I'd think it'd be worth it to learn how. Mimi

Angie said...


KarenHarveyCox said...

Your tray is lovely Donna. I bet Penny would love that red table. Have a lovely evening. I love your paintings, I cherish my bird that you painted.

Catherine Holman said...

Hi Donna,
I have several pieces that need painting and I never get around to doing anything much for myself. I love the flowers on both pieces!

Protege said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I really love that tray. It reminds me of a tray my mother used to have. Beautiful.:))
Have a lovely Friday,

Ruth Welter said...

Just beautiful Donna, the tray looks like an antique...I never would have guessed it was new.

You are lucky to have a husband who helps you out. I feel fortunate as Chris does so much for me also. A lot of people don't have that kind of support so we are lucky.


Happy@Home said...

Beautiful job, Donna. How nice to have so much talent under one roof.

Sue said...

Hi Donna...beautiful always do such lovely work. And ofcourse I love the red table...You are very lucky to have such a handy husband.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Beautiful tray and table, Donna! The flowers are so pretty on both.

~Sheila~ said...

Both the tray and table are beautiful Donna. I keep saying it..but what a clever pair you are..!
have a great weekend.

Sherri said...

Donna, the tray and table is absolutely beautiful!! They are both really wonderful!

Jen said...

Love the tray Mom! Glad you still had it posted... it's beautiful!!