Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Treasure find

I found some wonderful dishes at an antique/junk store a few months ago and now I can finally use them.

Christmas dessert dishes that say ~ "a partridge in a pear tree". I love the gold with the white. It's a set of 6 dessert plates, 6 cups and six saucers and I only paid $8 for all.

The cups have little gold partridges on the inside and around the rim on the outside it reads "on the first day of Christmas". The saucers say "my true love gave to me".

I can't wait to use them. They should look great with my china.


And on an outside note...

I dug up some ivy from the garden and put it in a basket and set it on the garden table for the winter. Ivy is great for displaying in pots during the winter season when not much else is growing.

I think I'll hit the garden center today and buy some ornamental cabbages and maybe some pansies for color.

Have a great day!


farmerjulie said...

Hi Donna! cute!
I love your picture on your header!!
Have a great day!

Jan said...

Very pretty Donna. Love your header too. So cute and quaint.

Happy @ Home said...

I, too, love your header picture. It looks so pretty & peaceful. Your dishes will be so fun for the holidays - what a great find!!

Protege said...

Donna, I love your new design, so very seasonal.
Your finds are very lovely as well. I myself truly enjoy visiting antiques shops or second hand shops, it is always an adventure I feel, as you never know what is out there waiting.:)

Beverly said...

Ooh, Donna. I love your dishes. I can picture you enjoying them during this glorious season.

I am a big fan of ivy, and I use it inside and outside.

Ruth Welter said...

What a lovely find Donna. I love your banner by the way...that is a gorgeous portrait that you have done. You have a true gift with architecture, the character of the house really comes to life under your paint brush.

Otis and Riley of course, are too cute lounging on the couch in the below post.


Abby Creek Art said...

Love those cute plates...but the best is that picture of Otis and Riley sacked out on the chair. Priceless!

Sue said...

Hi Donna...Love the new heading you did..and the plates are so cute. Hope your week is going good...

Deb said...

I love your new header pic ~ is it your home at Christmas time?
Your dishes were a great find!

Meggie said...

Great looking dishes, Donna! What a bargain you got.

Suzanne said...

Oh, I love those dishes! What a great find...I need to go antiquing with you! :)

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