Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Outside decorating

The outside needs decorating as well as the inside.

This is our front door with a wreath and a big red bow.

Our back door.

Let's not forget about our feathered friends.

I make sure all the feeders are filled.

This nandina berry bush is almost a decoration in itself.
The bright red berries are beautiful and also a good source of food for the birds during the cold winter months.


Sue said...

Natural beauty....I love the pine cones and greenery in the basket....

Pat said...

Hi Donna

Everyhting loos so pretty and I like how you provide for the birds too!

Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

You have one of the most beautiful blogs on the web and I have to come here daily for my dachs "fix".
Thank you and a very Merry Christmas to you, your family and Otis & Riley.

Jan said...

I love the natural look that you produce. Just perfect.

Protege said...

What a lovely wreath Donna!
And I love the color of the berries, I agree completely, they are a decoration on their own.;))

Jean said...

Everything looks beautiful! The bush is gorgeous! Love your header! Jean

Mimi Sue said...

Your nandina is just beautiful. I love it and grew it when we lived in California. I think it's too cold here in Utah. Your tree is gorgeous. Mimi

julie king said...

so festive and clever! i love the bird nest inthe pot the very very best!

Mary said...

Donna, your home reminds me of a gift shop.

Sandra Evertson said...

beautiful, I bet all the little birdies in town are so happy to see your bird feeders filled up! Sending Season's Greetings your way!
Sandra Evertson

Jenny said...

How lovely! What a beauty of a front door - and all of your natural embelishments of the holiday. So, how different is it to be south during Christmas? I noted from your profile that you are originally from Lancaster. I think that it would be a challenge for me not to have my seasons ... although, by early February - I've had my fill!! LOL!

So glad to have found your site.

Suzanne said...

Everything looks so festive...inside and out!

Naturegirl said...

You certainly have decked out the halls with all the natural elements that I also love to add at Christmas!
Baskets of pinecones a must..everything looks wonderful!
How cute is that Christmas birdhouse!
Happy holidays! :)NG

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Donna,

Your outdoor decorations look just as lovely as the insdie ones...It really shows that you've put a lot of effort into your decorating.


Catherine Holman said...

Simply beautiful! Your birds a very well fed.

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