Wednesday, November 5, 2008


When I was shopping the other day, I saw a display of amaryllis and paperwhites. I like to plant these every year so I will have beautiful blooms by Christmas. I bought a bright red amaryllis (Red Lion) and a bag of the paperwhites (narcissus).

Time to plant.

Riley sits nearby and watches.

For the amaryllis, all you do is place the soil disc in the pot that's included in the box, and add water. When the water is soaked into the soil, mix with your hands.

Then, plant the bulb in the soil. Just cover about 1/4 of the bulb. And that's it! Keep it out of direct sunlight.

Now for the paperwhites (or nacrissus)...nothing could be easier. Just place the bulbs in some soil and give them water.

Keep them wet and they should grow into tall plants. Put them in pretty pots or urns, you can even cover the ground with a bit of moss.

And by Decemeber, hopefully, I can show you the beautiful blooms!


Deb said...

I love paperwhites and amaryllis! Your home will look amazing this winter filled with beautiful blooms!

Protege said...

You will have beautiful flowers by Christmas. It looks as if the weather was wonderfully warm while you were planting; on the pictures it looks almost as it was summer:)

bj said...

Oh, I love both these flowers and always admire them in other peoples homes but have never tried raising them myself. I had no idea it was that easy. Thanks for the lesson...
love, bj

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Donna, What I do is wait until Christmas to plant the amaryllis and wait for some pretty blooms in the gloom of winter. What pretties are you making for Christmas? I have been making journals for my sisters. Hope they like them ~ Lynn

Charlene said...

I have seen these in magazines but, never tired to do it myself. Maybe Reba & I will follow you & Riley's lead. Thanks

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

We always think of this....about December!! Don't know if we'll get around to it this year....but we do love to see both the armaryllis pots and especially the paperwhites!!