Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've been working on a few projects to put on my etsy shop for Christmas.

It feels strange painting holiday crafts when it's sunny and warm outside and temps in the 70s, and I find myself humming Christmas tunes after coming home from shopping because the stores are now playing holiday music, isn't that crazy! The holiday decorations are going up everywhere.

This is a painting I did on wood. An old vintage Stanta Claus.

"All hearts come home for Christmas" sign.
"Tis the season" sign.
"Jingle Bells" wood sign, with little jingle bells attached to the red and white ribbon.
"Deck the Halls".

Cardinal note cards.

And, this is a marble chaser Galen made in the shop and I painted. Special ordered, it's going to be shipped to a little guy just in time for Christmas.

This is the "tortoise and the hare racing marble chaser". There are two tracks starting at the top where you can race the black marbles and the white marbles to see who wins!

More to come! Keep checking back.


Jan said...

Another reason for the jolly in the season. Beautiful work Donna.

Ruth Welter said...

Lovely work Donna. You did a great job on your Old World Santa, he is beautiful.


Deb said...

You HAVE been busy! I can just imagine how happy some little boy will be Christmas morning unwrapping a present to find a marble chaser! Wonderful Christmas signs and old world Santa Donna.

Mimi Sue said...

I'm so excited! Today I bought your cardinal cards! I have a friend who loves cardinals and they'll be the perfect gift. Unless I decide to keep them, which might just happen....Mimi

Charlene said...

Living in Texas I too am having trouble with getting in the Christmas mood since it is so warm! I guess us gals from the south have to count our blessings (not having to shovel the walk, long COLD winters...) but, sometimes it taxes our imagination doesn't it????

Baby Vagabond said...

Love, love, love all the signs!! If they were hanging around my house, I'd be singing carols by now!!

((hugs)) Rosie

Pat said...

Hello again Donna --catrching up and I really love those marble chasers and your Santa painting! I'll keep looking in your ETSY shop
Hugs, Pat

Catherine Holman said...

Beautiful! I especially love those notecards. The red is just so dramatic!