Thursday, September 4, 2008

Outside In

Today I moved some of my houseplants indoors. I usually take them outside over the summer months and they seem to grow twice the size by the time I bring them in come fall.

This is a huge philodendron I've had for years, and although it loses some of its leaves during the winter months inside, it grows twice as many leaves the next summer when I move it outside to the back porch.

The Christmas Cactus always seems to do better when it's been outside in filtered light during the summer.

This is a ponytail palm that has gotten so much healthier outside this summer. I keep it on the patio.

Did you know plants are healthy to have inside your home? They remove toxic air, and the healthier the plant, the more purifying. They are also known to bring about a calmer and more optimistic atmosphere, reducing fatigue and cold-related illnesses. So what could be better? You get beautiful year round foliage and a healthy happy home!

Now, I just have to find a place to put them.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

We have Christmas Cactus that we move outside and back biggest problem with indoor plants is that I forget to water them! I need to get a schedule set up this winter.

Happy @ Home said...

I moved my Boston Fern outside for the first time this summer. It has almost doubled in size.

Your plants all look very healthy.


Linda Crispell said...

Thank you for visiting!
Lovely pics.

Mimi Sue said...

What beautiful houseplants or patio plants. I need to find a place to bring mine in too. My friend has a sunroom. So perfect for plants. Mimi

Pat said...

Your palnts are all lovely Donna! Do you believe I have some indoor plants that are over 35 years old! One that use to sit on my window sill in nursing school is now over 10 feet tall! I keep repotting them and they keep going and!

Hugs, Pat

Baby Vagabond said...

So good to start getting caught up with all my blogging buddies. This summer did fly by!

I haven't even thought about Fall yet, really.....and since it is 87 degrees's not going to happen today either :-)

((hugs)) Rosie (Rosie's Whimsy)

Suzanne said...

Your plants look great...I can't seem to keep house plants alive!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Donna, mine do the same thing, grow bigger outside..the problem is, while they are out there, I fill the empty spaces inside, with more plants that I buy. Then of course when I have to bring the outside ones back in the house, where do I put them. Ow, the problems we compulsive plant lovers face. : )


julie king said...

lovely plants. you've inspired me to bring some green into our house!!

Donna said...

Oh Whoa is me...My thumb is black...hahaha...Your plants look SO Healthy!! Happy night!hughugs

Sandy said...

I was just clearing a place to day to start bringing my plants indoors soon. This was the first summer I moved some of them outside and they've thrived so much.
Have a wonderful week.