Monday, July 21, 2008

Wash day and catching up

Somedays I feel like I'm just so far behind!

Monday is my laundry day and I like to get an early start. This morning I was up at 3:00 am (not to do laundry) but to put the coffee on for Galen. He needed to be on the road by 3:30 because he had a big travel day ahead of him. So after he was safely on the road, I went back to bed to catch a few more hours of sleep.

When I got up, I had a few errands to run (post office, card shop, bank) so I did those and got home around noon, started my wash and then made something to eat.

Mmmm, caesar salad with left over chicken from the weekend.

Then a few more loads of wash and some ironing.

I can remember when wash day actually took the whole day, and we hung clothes out on the line to dry. Thinking back, I enjoyed that time. I loved how fresh the laundry smelled when it was brought in from outside.

Just a few more things to do ~ some bills to pay and a bit of cleaning and then I'm calling it a day!

Enjoy your day!


Jan said...

What a great post. Simple, but well said. Get out there and enjoy the day.

Happy @ Home said...

What a sweet wife you are to be up at 3:00 making the coffee. I was up at 3:45 this a.m. and thought that was doing good.
I am also plugging away at the laundry today. I can't believe how fast it piled up this week.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Donna said...

Typical Monday!...Except..getting up at 3:30 to make coffee!!LOL...You're a Good wife!
The salad looks wonderful...Otis & Riley Probably were wanting their share! Happy night to you!hughugs

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the laundry on the line photo, so lovely an nostalgic!
Sandra Evertson

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Donna!
You make laundry look so lovely!
I showed my hubby, Wes, your blog so he could see Otis & Riley. He loved them! He thought they looked so much like our Gur & Zoe! We looked back through your blog and saw the incredibly clever and gorgeous patio chandelier you made! That is awesome! I have to add that to my list of projects. (like it's not long enough already!!)
Hugs, Sherry

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Monday was always wash day here too. I guess because that's the way Momma did it. But once the boys grew up and left home I just kind of do it when it needs it. No rhyme or reason to it. Next time you head to the beach check out that "Tickled Pink" shop. I can't wait to go back. ~ Lynn

Catherine Holman said...

You're making me feel bad because I didn't get my laundry or my house cleaning done today. I usually do it on Monday's, but I had orders to fill before I help my friend finish glazing her walls tomorrow.

Meggie said...

I'm most grateful to be living in an era where we have clothes dryers and don't have to hang clothes outside....even thought I'm sure they smell quite wonderful. Your salad looks divine...go play with your cute doggies.

Fifi Flowers said...

I hate laundry! I like to paint laudry though! Your salad looks yummy! Hope you had a nice MOnday!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

You make doing laundry sound so relaxing and pleasant...I guess I better get started on mine. This was a lovely post.
Patricia :o)

Linda said...

Busy day....Monday is my laundry day too. During the summer I line dry my towels and the fresh smell.

Oh, your salad looks so good, I think I need a bit of breakfast. Have a happy day. Hugs, Linda

Beverly said...

You did get your day off to a very early start. My problem is I can't go back to sleep once I wake.

I hope you enjoyed your day.