Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let's take a drive

It's too hot for a walk today, so we're going for a drive. Destination: the park

We're driving in and around the area of the park and rec center. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the homes in the neighborhood.

Big beautiful homes.

Arts and Crafts
A Jewish Temple converted into a wonderful home.
Cute little cottages.

Pretty front doors. Red door.

Yellow door.
Blue door.

Pink door.

A little shop that just opened.

Finally, we're at the park! Otis and Riley were wondering if we were ever going to get there.

Run, run, run!

Ok, we're done. Hot and thirsty and ready to go.

On the way home we pass some beautiful crape myrtle trees.

We're home. Oh boy, it's back to the sofa. Must guard the front window.

Enjoy your day!


Donna said...

Hahaha...They are the Sweetest babies! Pretty homes! Happy night sweetie!hughugs

Happy @ Home said...

I could just kiss those sweet litle heads!!
Loved your tour ~ what cute homes. I especially like the yellow one with the white picket fence. How sweet.
Great photos.

Good luck staying cool.


Jan said...

Are you sure you are still alive? That looks alot like I picture heaven.

Love love where you are. SO quaint and cozy. Thanks for the pictures. I am so inspired.

Have a super day Donna.

Deb said...

Great post Donna.
You have the cutest cottages in your neighbourhood!! AND 2 of the cutest little dogs.

linda said...

Thank you for the tour of the neighborhood...just beautiful!

And Riley and Otis ~ cute as ever!

Baby Vagabond said...

Oh you do know how to make your boys happy! I am afraid my poor dog has been neglected of late. By the time I get home from seeing the baby, it is way too warm for anything but staying inside!

I love all the doors ....the yellow one seems to be calling my name ....... nope, too hot to paint :-)

((hugs)) Rosie

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Donna - what a wonderful drive! Thanks for taking us along!!
Hope your enjoying your summer - it's going by fast isn't it??
Enjoy your week!
Karla & Karrie

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the tour of your neighborhood. There are so many pretty homes! Your traveling companions were very patient while you took photos,...it looks as if they really enjoyed the park!

Beverly said...

I enjoyed that outing, too. Lots of pretty homes and lawns, and a great romp in the park.

Ruth Welter said...

Those sweet little guys of yours are the cutest Donna!! Ow, I loved the home tour. One of my favorites was the Jewish temple that is now a house, I love building that are converted into homes, they fascinate me.

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Donna, That was the most wonderful post!...You are surrounded by the most charming homes!!! They are all adorable!...not to mention those two darling dogs!...Enjoy your day!...heidi XO

Jean said...

What a beautiful area! The homes and their surroundings are gorgeous! Thanks for the drive! Jean

Naturegirl said...

Awww..Donna this was a most enjoyable day! Thanks for the ride and the wonderful scenery!
The emotion of the dogs was captured perfectly in this series of photos!!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

The doggies are so cute! And thank you for the wonderful tour of homes and cottages. I loved them all.