Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality. Thank you Rhoda! The rules are I have to list 4 things about me and then tag 4 more people. Ok!

4 jobs I've had
attorney's office
public defender's office
state and county probation/parole offices
conference center

4 movies I watch over and over
You've Got Mail
Under the Tuscan Sun
The Lake House
Must Love Dogs

4 places I've lived
Cape May, NJ
Elizabeth City, NC
Lancaster, PA
Greensboro, NC

4 tv shows I watch
Home & Garden

4 places I've been
Key West
Cozemel, Mexico
San Francisco
New York

4 people who email me regularly
my one daughter
my other daughter
my niece

4 favorite things to eat
butterscotch sundae
peach pie

4 places I'd rather be
the beach
a book store/coffee shop
on a road trip

4 things I look forward to this year
more painting
going to the beach
going on a road trip

4 people I will tag
I am going to tag:
Jen at sunnispace
Julie at farmerjulie
Suzanne at painterofthepast

So that's enough about me! Hope everyone has a great day!


Suzanne said...

That's a fun list Donna! I've never seen "Must Love Dogs"...I'll have to rent it! Thanks for the tag, I'll post mine after the give away.

Deb said...

This was a fun list & I also loved all the movies you listed especially You've Got Mail (made me want my own little book store) and the Lake House (made me want a lake house) :-}

Anonymous said...

DIANE LANE is my fave. She was great in "MUST LOVE DOGS", "UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN" and "UNFAITHFUL".

I'm looking forward to her new movies "UNTRACEABLE" and "JUMPER"

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Donna, see those lists weren't so bad! Glad you played along, it was fun to read about you too.

I loved the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, but got the book from the library & read it & it was NOTHING like the movie! In that case, I liked the movie much better. I thought the book was a bit boring.


Sunnispace said...

Hi Mom! Thanks for the tag - I will get to this soon!! What fun!