Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It was so cold out this morning I thought I'd go out and warm the water in the bird bath.

Then I put some seed out for the birds.

This is my favorite piece of yard art. It's a beautiful stepping stone my granddaughter made for me with her little palm print on it and decorated just so. It makes me happy everytime I go out in the garden.

Then it was back to reading some more of Rosamunde Pilcher's "Carousel". She's one of my favorite authors and this was one I hadn't read before.

Hope you all have an enjoyable day!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I'm having the same kind of day. Staying inside....not reading.... but knitting baby wash clothes :-)

Deb said...

I love the little stepping stone your granddaughter made ~ what a beautiful garden keepsake.

Judy said...

Hey Donna! I love the stepping stone your granddaughter made you. I think I will get my little twin grandbabies to make two for me this spring cause I'm hoping we're going to do some major improvements in the back yard and I would love to have something from the twins put in my flower beds.
Have a good week - Judy

Sheila said...

Lucky birdies..!
and lucky you to have such an artistic grand daughter..!
It runs in the family..

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Loved the pictures in this post. Escpecially the mosaic stepping stone :-)

Mary said...

Hi Donna, It's cold here, too, and snowing just now. I put a bunch of stale bread out for the birds. Love your granddaughter's artwork -- so cute!
Stay warm!

GardenGoose said...

hello Donna,
thanks for stopping by!
I will definitely stop by often.
the garden birdbath looks neat.will look through more of your blog also..looks great.
I'm going to go look at your artwork now.:0)
(p.s. I have tagged you/for details check out my blog..I do hope that you will play along)

Susie Q said...

Our birdies looked so cold today and oh how grateful they were for the seed.

I love your stepping stone! It is beautiful! Talent runs in your family!

I adore your blog!


Anonymous said...

Still cold here as well - staying busy inside :)
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Linda said...

Has Rosamund Pilcher written a new book lately? I love her writing.