Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Window washing

I'm one of those people that likes clean windows. I usually wash them in the spring or in the fall. My mother would always wash the windows every spring and fall; spring house cleaning and fall house cleaning. She would say she needs to get the house ready for summer and put the screens in the windows, but of course, the windows had to be cleaned first; or she has to get the house ready for winter but the windows had to be washed before the storm windows go on.

Well, I took advantage of the warm weather today and washed the windows. Not only did I enjoy the warm sunshine, but I also got the house "ready for winter". I'm sure Mom would be pleased.


Sheila said...

I do love the sunshine at this time of year, when the sun is lower in the sky. The downside is it shows how much my windows need to be cleaned...if I give you my address do you, maybe that's asking too much..LOL

regina barnett said...

i need to clean my windows. I get to them as soon as i can.

Mary said...

Hi Donna, I'm curious -- how do you reach that little dormer window? Do you climb on the roof? EEEEEK! It's cold and rainy here today, so I guess the windows are going to have to wait...darn!

Deb said...

Hi Donna
What a beautiful home you have. I read once that looking at a home you can just tell that "nice people live there" and that's what I thought when I saw the photo of your front door :-}

Anonymous said...

Donna, did you know that the most heat loss is through your windows in the wintertime??

Anonymous said...

Your garden is amazing for so late in the season. I can't believe you are still getting tomatoes so close to Christmas.

I'm just going outside to stake my tomato seedlings (it's Spring here). Any tips for a great tomato harvest?


farmerjulie said...

i love your front door windows!