Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I've just been awarded the "You Make Me Smile Award" by Mary over at little red house. Thank you Mary! You make me smile too! Mary is very creative and I'm sure you would enjoy her blog, so stop by to see her, if you haven't already. I'm supposed to pass this on to ten more people that make me smile, but, you know what? There are so many of you that make me smile ~ so if you don't mind, I will decline on picking just ten. My side bar is filled with all of you that make me smile and there are some I haven't even gotten around to list yet! So, thank you again Mary for choosing me and all of you other wonderful bloggers out there that make me smile!
And speaking of smiling, I just got my Victoria magazine today in the mail! Whoohoo! Tonight I am going to curl up on the sofa and get all comfy and cozy, have a cup of coffee and enjoy Victoria!
Have a good day everyone! And keep smiling!

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Sheila said...

I'm still looking for Victoria on the newsstands as I didn't subscribe. Now everyone seems to be getting them in the mail, they should appear soon.
Congratulations on your award. I am a new visitor here, but it isn't hard to see that you truly deserve it..