Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy 100th Birthday, Great Grandma!

Over the weekend we traveled to Pennsylvania to celebrate my husband's great grandma's 100th birthday. Happy 100th Birthday, Great Grandma!

Our one daughter came in from New York and our other daughter and family came up from North Carolina. Friday night some of us took in a baseball game at the Lancaster Barnstormers and saw fireworks after the game.

Saturday we spent the day with Great Grandma since we wouldn't be there for her big party on Sunday. She's such a joy to be around. Lots of stories to tell and still as sharp as a tack! At the village where she lives the annual "Brethren Village Auction and Fair" was being held that day. Galen, my hubby, had donated a marble chaser that he made to be auctioned off (you can check it out on his "manspace"); there were also homemade quilts and lots of other goodies to see. Such an enjoyable day!

Sunday it was time to travel back home to Carolina. We had breakfast with the family then took our one daughter to the Lancaster Train Station and said goodbye. Our other daughter was staying an extra day to take our granddaughter to the caverns.

We crammed alot into one weekend but thoroughly enjoyed it.

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