Monday, July 9, 2007

Hot pink cast

While my husband and I were on vacation last week, our granddaughter was having her hot pink cast removed. She broke her arm while vacationing at Disney World. Such a little trooper she is, she took it all in stride ~ I believe her mother had a harder time than she did. So now she's back doing all the fun and active things she's done before, maybe being a little more careful. Here she is playing with one of her Papa's marble chasers with her hot pink cast before we went on vacation, and look at all those autographs. You can read lots more on sunnispace.


Galen's manspace said...

I enjoyed the story and the link capability to sunnispace. How neat. B.well Red Rover

Sunnispace said...

I still have the cast and would like to frame it! What a clever idea on part of the doctors to come up with bright and fun colors for a cast. How could you not love one in hot pink?