Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Twinkle lights

Hello my friends, how are you?  We finally have a clear day today after lots of rain, but still very overcast and gray.  I have been feeling the need to get out in the garden and do something, even if it's just pulling weeds.  Does the garden ever call to you?  Galen thinks I'm crazy, but I find it very rewarding and therapeutic.  

I decided to restring twinkle lights outside in the jasmine over the back porch.  The lights will usually last about six months so I only have to replace them twice a year.  They went out two nights ago.  

I twist the lights through the vines starting at the bottom, taking them up and over the porch door and ending near the pergola.  It makes the prettiest light at night.  No matter how dark it is you can always see without turning a harsh overhead light on.  The twinkle lights create a nice ambiance.  

Lights are maybe I'll go pull those weeds.    

Enjoy your day!  


Rosanna Nevius said...

Our gardening hearts are very much the same. I am starting over with moving to Virginia and am trying to be patient as perennials and trees get bigger. How come those weeds grow so fast?!? ~rosie

Balisha said...

My garden calls to me too. I can't wait to get out there each day...if it's raining, a little stroll, otherwise a couple of hours and I satisfy my love for the garden.
You have given me an idea for my clematis that climbs on the corner of the front porch...twinkle lights. They sound so pretty.

Happy@Home said...

I completely understand you feelings about working in the garden. I too find it to be great therapy and very relaxing.
Your garden with the birdbath looks so pretty. I love the idea of adding twinkle lights. I can imagine what a nice ambiance they would create in the evening. I need to find a spot in my garden for some.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

I actually love weeding too. It is almost like meditating. Your lights look great.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Gardening is very therapeutic and relaxing to me, too...and twinkle lights...well, they're just good for everything!

Mimi Sue said...

I love to get out in the garden and putter too. It somehow fills me with peace. Love your twinkle lights. I'm all for soft lighting! It's hard to grow hydrangeas in Utah because of our dry air but I have a few small blooms. I will definitely dry some for the winter. Love your new little patio too. Mimi

Deb said...

Hi Donna
I love this look too ~ we have light wrapped around our garden pergola that are left up year long & in our kitchen wrapped around twigs and branches :-)
Your garden looks so pretty!
I have lots of catch up reading to do. Loved the portraits of Otis & Riley xo

Donna said...

Love this idea! You need to come fix my backyard!Hahaaa