Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A silly rose story

About a year and a half ago I ordered a rose bush from a catalog.... a Zephririne Drouhn rose, a climber, for our pergola over the patio.  Catalog places usually mail the plant when it's time to put them in the ground, so last year, the end of February, my rose came in the mail.  It was right after the time I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  
Galen dug the hole and we planted the rose.  I said to him, this is my cancer rose.  We will watch it grow and survive.....ah, unless it dies, which we don't want to think about, and we snickered and said, no it's going to live and grow to be beautiful.)    
One year later ~ 
the rose has grown almost four feet tall, and, yes, it has survived.  Yesterday it bloomed.  What a beautiful pink bloom and so fragrant.  I can't wait until it covers the pergola.  

I know this is a silly story, but it's just something that came about on it's own.  Some things are meant to happen that way, I think.  I believe in small miracles and this, to me, is kind of a small miracle.  

Yay!  It survived and I survived the first year.  


Gloria McAllister said...

It's a sign!! :-)

Gloria in Virginia

Balisha said...

What a wonderful simple story. Hope this next year is joyful.

Happy@Home said...

I love this story and don't think it's at all silly. Your new rose is gorgeous!

Babs said...

I think your story is beautiful, and the rose is perfect for beautiful you.
I'm trying to remember...is Zephririne Drouhn very fragrant? It's gorgeous.
God bless, Donna.

Loretta said...

Beautiful and Inspiring indeed...I love your story...it is very touching!
Sending you all the healing {{{{HUGS}}}} I can muster!
God Bless,
Loretta XO

Pondside said...

Meant to be!
I have such a rose, from my friend Brenda - a gift from her when my husband was so sick. I planted it out and last year, when she was diagnosed with cancer it bloomed and bloomed. It's been a year for her now and she is doing famously and the rose is full of buds.

Donna said...

I NEVER believed anything different for you sweet friend!
AND my Favorite color! Pink!
It'll be Gorgeous as it grows!

Peonies & Magnolias said...

How beautiful and a wonderful story.

Have a great weekend.