Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Onward we go

After a really good and enjoyable week (thanks to my chemo being cancelled last week), and my neuropathy has gotten better with the medication, it's now time to head off to the cancer center tomorrow for my 7th chemo treatment.  

Ugh, I'm not looking forward to this at all.  I'll be down for about 5 days.  The good thing......after this one, I only have one more.  Thank Heavens!  

I cut some yellow day lilies and brought them in from the garden this morning to brighten up the dining room.  The garden is filled with these big yellow blooms, it's like sunshine everywhere.  

I picked the first of our "Better Boy" tomatoes today.  I think we're going to get quite a few this year.  Tomato sandwiches, yum!  

I'll be back soon.  

Thank you again for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.  
It means so much to me.  


Sherri said...

Donna, my friend you are definitely in my prayers and thoughts for tomorrow. I know that you are dreading it and I hope a miracle happens and you aren't down for 5 days. I love your yellow daylilies and that tomatoe sandwich looks yummy!! HUGS to you!!

Donna said...

Oh! I thought you only had to get 7 treatments...Oh well...It's Nearly over sweetie!
That 'mater sammich looks Great!!
A couple slices of avacado is good on there too!


I will now think of you as I enjoy my tomatoes. Looking forward to that final good report. You have so many others with you in you ordeal.

mississippi artist said...

Praying that this treatment will not be as bad as you are expecting.You are almost done!There is nothing better than a tomato sandwich is there?

Anonymous said...

Please know that my thoughts are with you as you undergo your treatment tomorrow, Donna. I hope the bad days aren't as bad as you are anticipating.
Your daylilies are gorgeous. I have never thought to bring daylilies inside. I figured they wouldn't last long enough to be worth it. I can see I need to give it a try.
I noticed one red tomato in my garden this morning too. How exciting. Your sandwich sure does look tasty.
Take care.
Hugs to you,

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

I am so glad you had an enjoyable week. It makes the bad days not quite as bad...though I know they really are.

I can't believe you have tomatoes already! Ours will not be ready until the middle of July and we live in the same

Thinking of you tomorrow and sending warm hugs.

Balisha said...

Hi Donna,
I'll be joining these other ladies in thinking about you tomorrow. Hope all goes well. You're almost through...and then you will be able to enjoy the summer and all it brings.
Blessings to you, Balisha

Pondside said...

I'll be thinking of you in the morning.
The encouraging thing is that you now know that the feeling will come back and that things will return to a new normal after the treatment.

Catherine Holman said...

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

The Star Gal said...

Good luck Donna....we'll be waiting to hear from you when you're feeling better. Sooooo close to being over!!!

Gloria in Virginia

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Good luck tomorrow, I am sending best wishes and prayes your way. Just one more treatment Super!!!

Zuzana said...

Beautiful post full of simple pleasures, have a lovely weekend dear Donna,