Monday, August 15, 2011

Charm bracelets

I was just a young girl when I got my first charm bracelet. I still remember that day, shopping with my mother and sister and aunt at the Sears store in the Lancaster Shopping Center doing our school shopping. My mother helped me choose the bracelet. Oh, the excitement. A new stylish bracelet with the hopes of adding many many charms.

I am still wearing that silver charm bracelet today. It is a piece of jewelry that holds wonderful memories of the past...high school, friends, typing class, majorettes, booster club, sweet 16, summer vacations, holidays, and things I love and hold dear to my heart.

My gold charm bracelet was started after I was engaged to my dearest hubby and many of the charms on this bracelet are memories of our times together.

This is the latest charm that will be added to my gold bracelet...

a little Otis and Riley.

Do you have a charm bracelet?



My Monet charm braclet started in junior high or high school. I still wear it occasionally. Coincidentally, this weekend as I was reading the Farmers' Almanac I spotted and add for a sterling silver gardening charm braclet. Now I need to order the thing.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

Love your charm bracelets! Yes, I do have one. I got it in high school and mine is filled with cheerleading charms, travel charms, b-day charms etc. I will have to dig it out!

mississippi artist said...

I have several charm bracelets and love them! One of my friends linked hers end to end and wore them as a necklace with sweaters-it was certainly an impressive piece. Hmm, maybe I will do a post about mine. Love the Otis and Riley charm.

Donna said...

Use to...We moved when I was younger and haven't seen it since!
Love yours!

Cherrie said...

No I don't but your post makes me want one!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I have always loved charm braclets, your new charm is adorable and just perfect to add to the others. I am sure your two little friends appreciate this.(-:

Zuzana said...

Oh Donna, lovely post and what beautiful bracelets.;) As you might recall, I posted about a charm bracelet of my own a few months back, so I can clearly identify with the sentiments.
Love your new addition.;)

Sherri said...

Love your charm bracelets and I love the new charm. Otis and Riley should be proud to be represented on your bracelet. I had a charm bracelet growing up also. I used to pick up silver charms where we traveled as a child and then I got my Sweet 16 charm, etc. Unfortunately I remember throwing a snowball and it flying through the air. We never did find it unfortunately!