Friday, June 3, 2011

Outside the kitchen door ~

I have a big pot of herbs I like to keep outside the kitchen door so I can easily and quickly cut them for cooking. However, some of my herbs were taking over the pot and I had to move a few to the garden. The chives and parsley remain in the pot.

More parsley in the garden, and dill which is doing beautifully.

I want to mention that most of these herbs were started from seeds which I won in a giveaway at Maybelline's Garden. These were "Hometown Seeds" and the seeds have done very well.

Cilantro ~ I can't believe how big it has grown and it's one of my favorite herbs.

And look how well the sage is doing.

This is Purple Ruffle Basil. I've already cut some for cooking.

And my rosemary bush that I've had for several years keeps getting bigger.


Darla said...

I grow a lot of herbs too, although I never use them for culinary purposes...hmmm Yours all look great! I pull some leaves off of my dill and walk around smelling it.


Glad everything seems to be growing so well. Don't herbs smell great if you simply brush up against them? My favorite is thyme.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Wow! You are having very good luck with your herbs. Aren'e they wonderful, it is so much fun to have them handy just to go out and snip a few.

Donna said...

Gotta' Have Chives!Hahaa
Love you herb garden!!
Enjoy the weekend!!

Happy@Home said...

Your herbs look so healthy and tasty. I love cilantro. I had some growing, but when it got hot it bolted and I sadly ripped it out.
What a fun giveaway win. I have planted seeds from Hometown Seeds and am very happy with them. I just picked all of my peas which grew from their seeds.
Have a nice weekend. Happy Gardening.

Anonymous said...

Herbs are such a great addition to Summer recipes! Yours look so healthy. I just made a roasted chicken with my rosemary, thyme, and parsley tucked inside, yummy!

Angie said...

Beautiful, Donna! I desperately need to thin out some beds where I have parsley and oregano. They've taken over!! And I love using them in my cooking too. :) Enjoy!

Patsi said...

Your herbs look great and to think you started them from seed,pretty good.
Love the rosemary...huge.

Just received the serving tray and cards. The quality exceeds what I had hoped for.

Ruth Welter said...

Love your collection of herbs Donna, you must get a lot of flavorful cooking done with all that you have growing right at your fingertips. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hope your weather is lovely.