Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Veggie garden

Yay! It's time to start planting the veggie garden here at Mourning Dove Cottage. Galen dug up the soil today, adding some fertilizer and compost so we could get started. We have three raised beds. One bed I planted about a week ago.

Onions were the first to go in.

Strawberry plants were started about a week ago. We had a large strawberry patch for several years, but when we moved the raised bed last year because of shade, we lost most of them. This year we put in three plants and we'll see how they do.

Sugar peas (sweet peas), we put in containers this year. They are up about 2 inches already and will climb the string frame that Galen made.

I also planted radishes, but the seeds haven't sprouted yet.

Otis and Riley enjoyed themselves while we planted. Tomorrow I will put in two kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, and spinach. Then in a few weeks I'll plant squash and tomatoes. Watermelon too!

I love this time of year!


Catherine Holman said...

I'm so eager to do this but it's way to early to plant in our area. Infact it's still miserably cold. I'm so ready for some sunshine.

Sherri said...

Good for you Donna, getting the garden ready to plant!

Mimi Sue said...

We won't be able to plant until May 15. You'll be harvesting something by then I'm sure. Love your hand painted Easter eggs. Mimi

Red Gate Farm said...

We're not quite "there" yet with planting weather. Most of my garden doesn't get planted until mid April here in the Pacific Northwest... but I'm counting down the days :)


Linda said...

So fun to see a spring garden going in...I'm counting the months until I can plant LOL!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Sounds like fun and I am envious! We are going to plant our lettuce, peas and spinach this coming week. We have to wait until the end of April here in the mountains to plant tomatoes. I wish I could be working in the garden right now. Kent is going to have to do the turning of the soil, because I am still in therapy for my shoulder, but I can follow behind and plant the seeds!

Beverly said...

Thoughts of sweet greens and juicy tomatoes are apt motivation.

We would love to plant a garden, but we just don't have time for caring for it yet. Some day.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

oh my gosh...we can't WAIT to play in the dirt!! No fair Donna :)