Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can you find him?

Otis found his way under a pile of blankets this morning.

The perfect place to take a nap.

Riley's content to hang over the side of the sofa.

So, guess what I got in the mail today?
A package!
I just happened to be the lucky winner of the Summer Kitchen Girls giveway!

I won this adorable knitted cupcake ornament! Isn't it just the cutest thing ever...sparkles and all! And they also tucked in some of their Summer Kitchen Blend Tea.

Thank you, girls!
Pop on over to see the Summer Kitchen Girls ~ two lovely sisters that share their journal, and together have a wonderful shop called The Summer Kitchen Interiors.

Enjoy your day everyone!



Happy@Home said...

Oh so cute are those little doggies of yours.
Congratulations on your win!! That ornament is adorable and the tea sounds yummy. I'll have to pop over and visit their blog.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Sweet doggies....

Love The Summer Kitchen Girls...they are the best.

Anonymous said...

What cute babies you have! You know I'm jealous of that cupcake!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Congratulations...what a cute prize, adorable, and talk about adorble what about your darling little friends, so cute!

Meggie said...

Now those doggies know how to relax! Congrats on winning the ornament...so cute!

Cherrie said...

Cute! He looks nice and cozy!

Mimi Sue said...

You are one lucky girl. Your new ornament is cute! Is Riley just trying to stay warm? Mimi

Angie said...

I know that you are sick of hearing this BUT I would swear that my Dewey moved into Mourning Dove Cottage and is under those blankets!!! :) And Badger would be exactly where Riley is!! You have no idea how it warms my heart to see your two boys (in particular) because it's like looking at my heart's loves. :)

Congratulations on your gift!! How fun, in the depth of Winter, to receive a fun package---don't you just love getting packages in the mail??? Enjoy!

Vintage Gal said...

I just found your blog and I must say your furbaby is cute, cute, cute... ;-)

Zuzana said...

Animals know how to relax, so cute.;)
What a lovely giveaway as well.;)

Beverly said...

Your boys are adorable, and they look quite comfy cozy.

Congratulations on your win and your goodies.

Anything melted over your way? The roads are pretty clear over here today, but there is still ice everywhere else.

Sherri said...

I'm with Otis tucked under all those blankets! It is so cold here!! I love that cupcake ornament-what talent sisters!!