Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's September

By all these lovely tokens
September days are here
with summer's best of weather
and Autumn's best of cheer.
~Helen Hunt Jackson

A few little tidbits on my Old Farmer's Almanac Calendar

Did you know?

If you find a red-tailed bumblebee in your home,
expect a visit from a male stranger.

Now is the time to gather bittersweet, strawflowers, and evergreens for fall wreaths.

Before planting in a container, cut up an overripe banana and put it in the bottom of the pot. It will decompose fast and provide beneficial organic matter for the plant.

Full Harvest Moon on the 23rd.

We come from the earth,
we return to the earth,
and in between we garden.

Have a lovely day!


Sherri said...

I can't believe September is here already!

Zuzana said...

My mom loved calenders like these when she lived in Sweden and tended to her garden.;) She followed it to the letter.;)
Thank you for sharing those lovely wisdoms.;)
(Hope the winds from Earl will not be too violent.)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a pretty calender! You've inspired me to purchase one like this for the new year. I like the Old Farmers Almanac web site!

Happy@Home said...

Such interesting thoughts and tips for September. I'm going to have to try that one with the banana. It seems there is usually an overripe one lingering around here.

Mimi Sue said...

Isn't this year going by way too fast? I thought time was supposed to slow down when we got older. Love those picture you did for your brother in law. If I sent you a picture of our house would you do one for me? Let me know about sizes and prices if you would. Thanks. Mimi

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

I love these calenders....they have such great stories & tips! Thanks for sharing it with us...we'll be watching out for a red-tailed bumblebee...hee hee hee!!

Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Donna, thanks for those tips...think I will try the banana one!

Have a great weekend!