Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is Calamity.

Look at that sweet face.

I was recently comissioned by Karla at The Summer Kitchen Journal to do a painting of her dog.

Isn't she just adorable?

And look how pretty she sits for her photo shoot.

Here is the painting I did of Calamity.

acrylic on canvas

She was a JOY to paint!
Thank you, Karla, for allowing me to paint your beautiful Calamity!

If you are interested in having a painting done of your pet, please email me.



Sherri said...

Donna, your painting of Calamity looks just like the picture!! You really do a wonderful job of capturing the true essence of each animal! Calamity is a cutie! We have a Golden too-they are lovely dogs!

Anonymous said...

Donna - stunning portrait. You captured the essence in Calamity's eyes and it's wonderful.

Donna said...

Hey Donna?? Your paintings of animals are Always Spot On!! You Always seem to capture their own personal look! They are amazing!

Catherine Holman said...

Beautiful and what a great name for such a calm looking dog.

Posted From Home said...

WOW!! Calamity is gorgeous and you have captured her beautiful personality beautifully! Thanks so much for following me over to the "new" blog :-) x0

Janean said...

otis and riley never wonder why you dare paint anyone but them? our doxies made sure they were the center of our little world - LOL.

beautiful painting...tons of talent, girl!

Cherrie said...

Very good, it looks just like her!

Zuzana said...

Gorgeous dog and painting. You really are great at doing portraits of animals.;) And it is not that easy, I know as I have tried.;))

Ruth Welter said...

Calamity is beautiful Donna, both in real life and in your painting. You have captured her beauty and personality in your excellent work. Congratulations.


Angie said...

She's gorgeous, Donna!!!

Butterfly Works said...

Wonderful painting; I know the owner is thrilled because it looks just like Calamity.....

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Your painting is beautiful and one they can treasure for always. Have a great week.


Mimi Sue said...

Simply gorgeous! You did a great job! Got my teapot today. LOVE it so much! Thank you again. Mimi

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

hee hee hee....still oh so tickled with Calamity's portrait!!
I think everyone in the world should have you paint their dogs - it makes you so happy to see them up on the wall :)
I might just have to get another dog so we can have you paint them!!