Monday, February 1, 2010


Time to turn the calendar page to a new month. Can you believe it's February! Another month and spring weather will be here.

My Old Farmer's Almanac Calendar shows the beautiful hellebores flowers. I never use these flowers in my garden because as beautiful as they are, they are also very poisonous. Often times, Otis and Riley will nibble on plants in the garden, so this one is off limits for me.

I was at the store today and picked up a new scented candle. This one is called Cranberry Mandarin. It smells so fresh and sweet and the fragrance is all through the house. I like to have candles burning during the cold winter months. A simple pleasure!

Enjoy your day!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I don't burn candles enough....this new one of your sounds like it smells yummy!

Sherri said...

Donna,I can't believe it is February already either! I can't wait for Spring! I have 2 pots of hellebores only because Teddy doesn't care about any of the plants I have. I wouldn't have them either if he was interested. Have a great evening!

Mimi Sue said...

This year is flying by just like last year. How can we slow it down? Mimi

Protege said...

I love scented candles, they are such a lovely addition to any home.;)

Angie said...

Yum, I can smell it from here! :)

Donna said...

The candle looks inviting!!! I'll have to pull mine out of the cabinet and light it up...vanilla cookies.
Love the coffee header!!!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Donna, I love thinking spring...I have had enough of winter here. Love your calendar page.


Happy@Home said...

Pretty picture on your calendar. We have a rainy, gloomy day here today. A perfect day for burning a sweet smelling candle. Yours sounds very nice.
Happy February.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I like your calendar Donna. I'm signed for the farmer's Almanac newsletter as I like the recipes they send :-)

I like candles also ..your new sounds so good!

I believe the south has had more snow the past two years then we've had! I am not! You will welcome spring earlier than us, however. It's just around the corner!

I have the same espresso coffee pot as you (prior post) Sadly I find I can't drink it anymore after 12 noon or I will be awake all night..and I find decaf espresso is not as good.

Have a good week!

Hugs, Pat

azahar said...

It is true, not all that is beautiful is innocent. A few looks beautiful but can be very dangerous.

Take the tiger is beautiful but very toxic to animals, esp. cats!

And then there is the colourful octopus...very pretty but very poisonous!

Anitra Cameron said...

Cranberry Mandarin sounds SO good. I'm going to be looking for that.