Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good boys

We made our scheduled visit to the Vet yesterday for Otis and Riley to have their heartworm test. Otis was a bit grumpy but Riley took it in stride. I always feel bad for them when it comes to having this checkup because the Vet has to draw blood, and they take it from their little legs. They were GOOD BOYS though, and now we're glad it's over and done with for another year (and the test was negative).

This will be a busy but fun week. Shopping with my daughter on, fun!, then on Saturday our granddaughter will be in the Christmas parade with the Girl Scouts. We also will be celebrating our oldest daughter's birthday this week....dinner and birthday cake.
So now I must get some cleaning done, grocery shopping and hopfully some Christmas decorating. We will probably get our tree this weekend.
Enjoy your week!


Sherri said...

Good Morning Donna! Have a fun week and happy birthday to your daughter! Glad the boys are done with the Vet visit!

Mimi Sue said...

The vet is a necessary evil for the puppies. With kids at least you can explain what's going to happen! Have a fun week with your family. Mimi

Beverly said...

Poor, brave buddies. I used to hate that procedure with my little Murphy Brown, too.

You do have a busy week - but it sounds like fun!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Awe...shots...not fun! Sounds like you have a fun filled week ahead. Enjoy your week!!

Donna said...

SO glad the test were negative! Poor Babys!!!
Hope you don't wear yourself out with all that work and fun time!!Hahaa....Enjoy!!!!hughugs

Protege said...

Have a lovely week with your Christmas preparations.;) Glad your "boys" were healthy.;)

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Donna, Sounds like you have a fun week planned with your family...enjoy!!

I know what you mean about those blood tests...none of my little guys enjoy getting a needle in their leg. They range from ok to grumpy over it but they usually do alright. I guess that is never any fun for any of them.


Happy@Home said...

Glad to hear that the dreaded vet visit is over and now you can go on to have an enjoyable week.

Tamer Nabil said...

Dear Thank God for the safety of the dog and the emergence of a negative result

Embed on as the grandson coming and the holidays happy

I hope you always happy days

Angie said...

All of the furbabies here at Ships Landing are sending barks of congrats to Otis and Riley! :D

Nancy Medina said...

Good babies get treats, yes???? : ) I'm glad that is behind them and Otis and Riley can now focus on the important things like the howlidays, Donna. Sounds like you have so many fun things to do, warm hugs from chilly Texas!!!

~Sheila~ said...

Hello Donna, I'm glad the boys are both okay. My daughter's dog had to stop having the heartworm shot as it made her so ill. Each time she had it she ended up in the Animal Hospital for 3 days.
Otis and Riley look so healthy with their bright shiny coats.
Give them a hug from me..