Monday, November 9, 2009


Bagels are a big favorite at our house in the mornings for breakfast.

My oldest daughter got me hooked on the "everything" bagel with sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. Lightly toasted with cream cheese and jelly ~ yum.

I found this cranberry hot pepper jelly at A Southern Season, a few weeks ago when my sister and I had lunch together. It's so good.

Cereal with fruit and toast are always on the menu here too. Eggs or pancakes on the weekends.

What do you eat for breakfast?


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

mmmmmm! lately I've been having my bagel with cream cheese & mom's homemade peach jelly....can't get away from it :)
Have a great day Donna!

Protege said...

I so miss bagels, Brueggers Bakery (not sure about the name anymore) had the most amazing bagels when I lived in Durham.;)
I usually eat toast and coffee on work days, but in the weekends, my favorite is an authentic Irish Breakfast.;)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hey, Donna... I usually have eggs (love a cheese omelette) and grits (I'm a true Southerner there) or Stoneyfield Farms Low-Fat Plain Organic Yogurt (since it is pretty well perfect in terms of the carbs and protein balance). Thirty minutes before I eat I have one of those Dan Active Immunity drinks that I take with vitamin B-Complex and B-6. I like the vanilla flavor of the Dan Active.

What would I like to have? Pancakes with lots and lots of syrup and butter! LOL!


Sheila :-)

Sherri said...

Donna, I love bagels too! John and I just found a Manhattan Bagel not far from our house and they are sooooooo good! Now I'm hungry!

Donna said...

You're post is making me hungry! I love cream cheese and jelly. In fact, I grew up eating cream cheese and jelly sandwiches as a kid.

Many days of the week, I have Malt-o-Meal with a handful of raisins and Splenda in it, and toast with margarine and Smuckers Sugar-Free Jelly or peanut butter toast. (I'm diabetic.) I was on an English Muffin binge there for awhile too, and I might have to go back to it or bagels with cream cheese and jelly of course!

Thanks for reminding me. I know what I'm having for lunch today. D~~~~

Beverly said...

This looks yummy, Donna. I love to have breakfast at the Weathervane at Southern Season. I meet one of my girlfriends there for breakfast three or four times a year.

I'm sorry to read about the problem you had with the anonymous commenter. Some people are just not nice.

I don't usually eat breakfast. (I know that is bad.)

Sue said...

Love the everything bagel...with shipped cream cheese...untoasted if it's nice and fresh....toasted the day after with a little egg salad....oh now I know there's a trip to Einsteins in the morning!