Thursday, April 23, 2009


Do you have ferns in your garden?

I think they're such lovely plants. Each spring I find two coming up in the back yard. Living in a moist, shady, undisturbed spot ~ one in a little corner by the porch steps, and the other in the back yard by the garden table.

Ferns are so green, like spring itself! Their fronds add a pretty texture to a garden.

two of my fern paintings


Ruth Welter said...

Donna, I love, love, love your fern paintings...just beautiful. I don't have ferns in my current garden but I have a maidenhair fern inside my house and I love it. Lovely work.


Protege said...

You are such a skillful artist.
I love the idea of ferns in the garden. Come to think of it, they would do so well in mine.;)

Sheila said...

Donna your paintings look like they belong in a botany book..!
I have two tiny ferns, that have seeded themselves in damp, dark corners of my garden. They never get very big, and then winter is back... but perhaps in time they will grow.

Happy @ Home said...

Love your fern paintings, Donna.

I planted 3 ferns in my backyard. They don't do very well, however. I think they are getting too much sun. I think I better find a new location for them.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Love your garden ferns .... love your fern paintings! We have lots of ferns...both growing wild in the woods and ones I have planted in the shady beds around the house. Ours are just little fronds poking through but we are supposed to have an 80 degree this weekend and I imagine they will really take off!

((hugs)) Rosie

Catherine Holman said...

I do have several ferns and I just love them! Your paintings lovely.

Sherri said...

Donna, love the fern paintings! I have Japanese Painted Ferns and I really miss my regular ferns. There is a wet spot in the woods and I think now that I have seen your ferns, I really will have to include some in my garden again. Thanks for sharing!

NCmountainwoman said...

Yes, we do have lots of ferns and I just love them. Great paintings.


I have an old (maybe 50 yrs) Rabbit's Foot Fern that I recently divided. I thought that most of it had died; but as the heat comes on it seems to be taking off. It was divided because the orginal wire basket had degraded so badly that it could no longer support the weight of the beast.

Lovely paintings.

Mimi Sue said...

I do love ferns. They are so lacy and green. Your paintings are wonderful. Mimi

Beverly said...

I adore ferns. We have some growing naturally along our creek bed. And, they are fantastic to use in arrangements.

Your paintings are wonderful.