Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Le Doux

There's a fabulous little french cafe that just opened in our downtown. It's called Le Doux Cafe and Bakery.

Galen and I stopped in on Saturday.
We had french pastries and coffee.

A fresh brewed, french press pot of coffee was brought to our table.

And look at the pretty flower.

My new favorite place!

Our historic downtown is going through a revitalization right now, so this cafe is a wonderful little gem.

After coffee, we walked over to the art gallery at the Arts Council to see the new exhibit.

This is the back of some of the buildings through the parking lot.

Check out the sidewalk.

The exhibit now showing is impressionistic paintings. Some of our local artists traveled to France last year and visited Giverny, home of Claude Monet.

Our Arts Council where the gallery is, was the former BB&T bank building. Built in 1903, the facility was the corporate headquarters for the bank.

Beautiful colors!

And a most beautiful, enjoyable day!


Felicia said...

Love that cafe :)

::Jan:: said...

Oh la la for sure Donna.

julie king said...

oh the coffee shop looks so cute and you're right all that COLOR in the art gallery is fantastic. looks like a delightful day!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Donna, it sounds like you just had the perfect day. did they have pastries too??
What an amazing art exhibit - I have such a weakness for bright color. Thanks the photo tour of your fabulous day...

Sue said...

Hi Donna...what a charming looking cafe...We have LeMadeleine here in Atlanta but no nice table cloths or flowers on the table....If you have never been to Giverney it is a must, especially for an artist. I had the pleasure of going a few years ago with my daughter and it was wonderful....We got to walk across the famous bridge where the water lilly paintings were done,The house itself was so lovely, especially the kitchen all done in yellow and blue, we also brought a picnic lunch and sat on the grass before entering the house and just had a wonderful time eating our Jambon sandwichs on crusty French bread...Nice memories....

Mimi Sue said...

You're so lucky to have a cute downtown. Love the vibrant colors on the walls, and in the paintings. Mimi

Protege said...

These colors are AMAZING! Wonderful to see in the middle of a grey Scandinavian winter.
The cafe looks inviting too; I am now ready for a good cup of coffee.;)

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a gorgeous cafe, and I love the colors of those buildings. The artwork colors reflect such a happy sight. Thank you for this post, we are again covered in snow and brrrrrr fighting chilly temperatures. Your post was like a breath of fresh air.

Donna said...

MyWord!! They even keep the Back of the buildings clean!!Hahaa...Beautiful pictures sweetie...now I want coffee and pastry!!!lolol...hughugs

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Donna, I'm happy to see you back again...

Ow, I love this art gallery, it is just gorgeous...love, love , love Impressionist paintings. I enjoyed all the vibrant colors in the paintings on the gallery wall..just lovely.


Ps..great cafe too. Looks like quite a nice mural on the wall there.

Charlene said...

I can almost smell the coffe & Pastry from the photos. Beautiful! How long does the art show last? We hope to be out that way this summer. Any chance that it will still be going? I will have to visit the Cafe. Maybe we could meet up in person!!!! That would be so much fun. Thank you for stopping by to see my new goodies from my shopping SPREE! Glad you are back in Blogland with us.

Meggie said...

Very charming!

Patsi said...

Thanks for the beautiful tour!
I want to go next time :)
LOVE French restraurants...small portions and always a fabulous sauce.

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Donna,

What a charming town you live in. It makes me homesick for my hometown, Wilmington. Thank you for sharing the art gallery.- the colors nd impressionist paintings are fabulous.
So glad you had a fun day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,

What a great post! Thanks for stopping by the Arts Council. I'd love to meet you. Call me Cynthia at the Arts Council 291-4320 x18