Monday, August 11, 2008

Garden therapy

Although I dread the thought, and deeply sigh whenever it's time to prune the hedge, I must admit, it's good therapy.

Today, I decide, is a good day to tackle the job. I get my trusty garden tools out; trimmers, pruners, gloves, ladder, rake, compost bin and broom.

Taking a long deep breath and another sip of hot coffee, I position my aluminum ladder and start in. I feel a gentle, cool breeze. It's heavenly and helps immensely. Before I know it, I'm moving along with the greatest of ease. I feel like Edward Scissorhand!

clip, clip, clip

Here we have a cut through, or an underpass in the hedge as you walk through the gate and into the garden. Our neighbors call our back yard "The Secret Garden".

I round the holly bushes at the end of the driveway.

Another rounded holly bush at the entrance to the garden.

Look at all the berries, even after all the pruning.

So here's a bit of color after looking at all the green. Don't want you to get bored.

The birds were obviously hungry.

It's now late afternoon. A bit of clean-up yet.

And now I enjoy a cup of coffee on the back patio. I look around at all I accomplished today. What a great feeling!

Truly garden therapy.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I love the entrance through the hedge! It looks very much like a secret garden hideaway .... very cool!

Happy @ Home said...

Nothing beats garden therapy!!

Wasn't it great to have slightly cooler temps in NC today. I sat on the patio before dinner and enjoyed the slight breeze. It almost felt like a slight tinge of fall was in the air.

Have a great week,

Jan said...

I think you even gave me some therapy. Thanks. That was alot of work, but well worth it. I think that looks really great Edward :P

Naturegirl said...

Donna this post was true garden therapy! I love it when everything is trimmed and looking tidy! You know I have never thought to round up my holly bushes!! Thanks for inspiring me!! I have a week left before I leave so perhaps that's the last garden task we'll accomplish before leaving! I will be posting while away. hugs NG

Tara said...


Can I just sit on the bench, drink the coffee and watch you do it? It all looks great!

Abby Creek Art said...

Good job, Donna! That is one swanky hedge now.

I like your "big gulp" coffee mug too. hee hee.

berryberr said...

Just came across your wonderful blog! Nice one there.... Will be checking back regularly from now on!

Beverly said...

I know that must be a quite satisfying accomplishment. And, everything looks so fresh.

Donna said...

Goodness! Wish I had your energy!! This is Truly, a beautiful yard sweetie!!hughugs

Pat said...

Nice job Donna! It looked like a lot of work to do in one afternoon, but I like you love garden work, and it is so meditative.
Was a squirrel eating your tomato? I found one munching on one of mine this past weekend.

I have some more art work done by Irish artists up on my blog if you'd like to peek.

Catherine Holman said...

Your yard is simply beautiful! A great retreat!

Manspace said...

O.K. I will get the tops on the weekend.
How's about I show ya how to use the trimmer and the 20' pruner too.
Love ya, Red Rover

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I love art, too. I have many wood signs around my home that I have made. Your garden looks like my kind of place. Have a fantastic day!