Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'm excited about the garden this year. I put in a some different vegetables and wasn't sure how well they were going to do, or if I had enough room, but things seem to be growing nicely. We've already been enjoying lettuce, radishes and carrots.

Now we'll be eating cucumbers!

The tomatoes are doing great.

And look at the eggplant. This is an Ichiban egg plant. Can't wait to try it.

Basil is growing nicely.

And my other herbs are doing well.

I love all the freshness from the garden.

I also planted pumpkins and I'm hoping I can show them to you in the Fall. Right now we just have vines.

And my most favorite summertime treat, watermelon!
I didn't plant any watermelon, maybe I should have! I seem to be eating it morning, noon, and night! YUM! Can't get enough!


Happy @ Home said...

Your vegetables look so healthy. Do you do anything special to them? I haven't had the greatest results growing vegetables here.
That would be great to step into your yard and have such fresh vegetables waiting to be picked.
The watermelon looks good too. It is one of the best things about summer for sure.

Beverly said...

Your veggies and melon are a feast for the eyes, too.

Tara said...


Yummy--what else to say??

Jan said...

I think gardens are a full sign of miracles of life. I just love them too. Beautiful. Enjoy the fruits of your labor Donna.


Heidi Ann said...

Hi Donna, Just wanted to let you know I chose you for an award on my blog!...Heidi XO

Ruth Welter said...

Donna, your veggies look fabulous. Sounds like you are so excited to see them doing so well. You should be excited...especially when you get to eat the rewards of your hard work. Enjoy your luscious looking veggies.

Fifi Flowers said...

I would LOVE to have garden... but instead I will just look at yours... truly beautiful and YUMMY!

Kathleen Grace said...

We put in our tomatoes a little late and we are just now getting blossoms. Your garden looks so good! We have radishes, lettuce and basil too.

Megan Coyle said...

Oh, your vegetables look delicious. And I like your picture of the watermelon, it's fantastic.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Aren't eggplants pretty? I haven't grown any but my Mom always does. Last night I made refrigerator pickles from the cukes in the garden. They are so crunchy and good. I am heading out to the farmer's market right now to pick up some watermelon and cantaloupe. Have you ever tried a quarter of a cantaloupe, peeled and topped off with vanilla ice cream? Delish!

Meggie said...

That is one fine looking garden...and productive, too!

Artistic Chicas said...

Hi Donna...I just had to pay you a visit after you were kind enough to stop by my Blog. It's been so nice meeting and reading up on all these new friends I have been making with this new hobby.
Your garden is so bright with inspiring colors...I know your creative juices must be on overdrive when you walk into such lush surroundings. Your art definitely reflects your joy.
I also love the paintings of your dogs...another thing we have in common.
Will be stopping by often...enjoy your day. Your new friend..Denise

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I just found you through Kathy's Cottage. WOW! You sure have some yummy looking vegies! I'm jealous of your garden!!
Patricia :o)

Donna said...

I would give Anything for tomatoes like that!!!lol...Mine are All sun burnt!!hughugs

Jean said...

Your veggie garden is looking beautiful! Won't be long before you'll be enjoying the fruits of your labor! Jean

julie king said...

your garden is lovely. i used to have an herb garden at my old house and i miss it. hmmmm. . . i just may have to start a new one! i'm with you on the watermelon!!

RoyalTLady said...

My o MY! You sure have got green fingers.

They are mighty and ready to be harvested.

Eggplant could very well be added into fish curry or just halved them top to bottom ways and grill on your pan for a few minutes. Eat with any sauce, preferable slightly hot.

Basil is best eaten raw added into salads.

On a hot summer's day, chunks of water melon could be best served with cold fresh milk or cream topping like eating strawberries.

try them...and tell me how it strikes you.