Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday morning

I was up before sunrise this morning. That's right. In fact at 2:30 AM Galen and I got up so we could be on the road at 3:30 AM to be at the airport by 4:30 AM. Galen had a flight at 6:00 AM. He's flying to Missouri for sales meetings this week. You're probably wondering why he doesn't drive by himself. Well, I like to go with him, in fact I drive so he can catch a nap, or we chit chat, have coffee, and also this way he doesn't have to park the car at the airport for a week.

I'm driving home from the airport at 5:00 AM drinking coffee to stay awake. Not very many people on the road at this hour. It's still dark when I pull in the driveway.

Otis and Riley are happy to see me and I head for the sofa with the two of them.

I've had my nap but I'm still feeling a bit fuzzy. I'm not sure how much I'll get done today, but I'll start with the laundry and another cup of coffee. I think it might be a long day!

Have a good Monday!


Jan said...

Hope you get some rest during the day sometime. You have already had a busy day. I am glad that you go with him. What a nice and fun thing to do.

I can picture the dogs ready to recieve you. So cute. Enjoy the cup of coffee, and just take it easy.

Bye for now...Jan

Beverly said...

I always drive my husband to the airport, too. I like to be with him before he leaves.

Donna said...

Geez, it must be So nice to stay at home!!! I miss it!!hughugs

Jean said...

Sounds like a great day to take it easy. Love the garden painting! Great job! Thanks for stopping by. Jean

Mary said...

I'm feeling sleepy just reading about it! Hope you ere able to have a relaxing day, and maybe even a little nap. :)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

An early day, for sure! I think it is fun to get up early....once in awhile. Sometimes when I can't sleep usually around 4am, I get up and sit on the back porch with my coffee and computer and watch the world wake up. It's so cool! That is until about 4pm, then I am zonked!! :-) Rosie

Happy @ Home said...

Hi Donna,
How nice of you to drive your husband to the airport at that early hour. Hope the remainder of your day was restful.
I'm not sure how that e-mail from my profile works & am concerned that if you tried to e-mail me that way it didn't work. So please contact me at: & I will send the book right out to you.


Tara said...

Hi Donna

A great excuse to grab the couch for the day! Why not? You have 2 cuties to snuggle wth!

Catherine Holman said...

You should have come to Missouri with your husband. We could have had a nice visit!