Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Extreme heat...

...that's what the weather forecaster reported this evening. Five straight days of 100 plus degree heat! Too hot to be outside. So, in the evenings, this is what I do~

the crossword puzzle after reading the evening newspaper,

enjoy a few of my favorite magazines,

and watch a good movie. This is a wonderful movie about the life of Beatrix Potter.

I'm hoping tomorrow evening I can enjoy the back porch.


Beverly said...

Staying cool is definitely on the top of most of our lists lately.

I'm dying to see that movie. I'll have to see if Time Warner is offering it.

Jan said...

It is so not hot here. It is suppose to be tomorrow though. I love Miss Potter. I love the surroundings and the whole story line. Very cute movie.

Come over here and stay with me Donna. You can get away from the heat and I'll even rent the movie.


Heidi Ann said...

Hi Donna, We definitely share the same tastes!! I love "The English Home" magazine & "Miss Potte" is one of my favorite movies!!! Enjoy your company!....Heidi :)

Catherine Holman said...

I watched Miss Potter while painting today. I love it!

farmerjulie said...

i want to see that movie!
I am doing Sudaku..have you tried that before? Its fun!

Suzanne said...

You can send some of your extreme heat our way. Last week the temps were in the 60's! Too cold for June. This week we are promised a little warmer weather....highs in the 80's.
Loved Beatrix Potter too!