Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"I don't want a bath."

"Me either."

It's bath time for Otis and Riley ~ not one of their most favorite things to do.

I would think they'd enjoy it. ~ I get them all soapy and bubbly in the tub, scrubbiddy dub dub, wash behind their ears and their tail and their tummy, massage their back, I give them a good rinse, towel dry them with big fluffy towels, but then it's time for the dreaded hair dryer. Uh oh.

They'd rather skip the hair dryer.

Otis seems to think this is the best way to dry.

Riley agrees ~ nothing better than the warm sunshine.

After all the fuss is over, I think they're pretty happy to be clean.

They smell fresh as a daisy.

Then it's nap time.

(updated, added another photo!)


Mary said...

Otis and Riley need to talk to Chloe and Bella. They both hate the bath and are overdue! I've been talking to them lately, getting them ready. Next warm day!

Otis and Riley would have the most fun doing what mine do. I towel dry them a little, they run through the house and shake until I chase them out the back door. They can't wait to roll in dirt and bunny pellets. ugh.

Deb said...

Benny loves the water but hates bathtime! Love Otis's drying pose :-} They both look so nice after their baths.

Mary said...

Oh, good Lord, I'm not sure that photo of Otis in the sun isn't just the tiniest bit naughty!

Beverly said...

Too funny. My little dog didn't like baths either, but she did like the hair dryer.

Don't they smell so good afterwards?

Sunnispace said...

Awwww, how cute!! Love those little doggies!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

They are the tub....and sunning themselves dry!

Jan said...

They are so dog gone cute. Love their names too. They are so shiney and clean. I might have to try that shampoo on my little dog. They look like the best of buds.

Catherine Holman said...

They are adorable. Oh to have the life of a dog!

Donna said...

LOL...what a tough time!! Precious!hughugs

Rhondi said...

Donna Your dogs are so cute!! What great photos
Rhondi xo

Suzanne said...

How cute! Wow, you give them both a bath at the same time? They must be very good doggies....I have a difficult time keeping Roscoe in the tub when it's just him!