Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Out and about

As I had lots of errands to run this morning, I thought I'd take Otis and Riley along and let them run at the park. So after the bank, the post office, the gas station, and a quick stop at the Goodwill, off we go to the park. Despite the gray morning, everything looked so colorful.

I took some pictures of the wisteria at the park, it looked beautiful the way it was draped over the trees.

And, remember I mentioned I stopped at the Goodwill store? Well, this is what I found ~ an old binder recipe book called "Green Thumbs and Golden Spoons: Favorite Recipes of the Auraca Herbarists". I wasn't sure what Auraca Herbarists were, so when I got home I googled it and found out it's an Herb Society affiliated with Cornell University where they study and discuss the past, the culture, and the growth of herbs. They have monthly meetings and a lot of the members volunteer at plantations.

This book has 235 pages of recipes, and also little verses and quotes about herbs. I can't wait to try some of the recipes!

And instead of the golden spoons, I found some copper spoons ~ measuring spoons. Aren't they great? I collect copper and these will go in the kitchen with all the other copper that I have.

I think I will make a cup of coffee now and look through my Green Thumbs and Golden Spoons cookbook. Something good might be on the menu tonight!

Have a great day everyone!


daisy cottage said...

Hi Donna!!
What a perfectly lovely day that you shared with us! I love the gorgeous wisteria! Heavenly! And your Goodwill cookbook looks wonderful - a treasure indeed! Happy cooking and give your doxies a big kiss from Maggie and me!


Rhondi said...

Hi Donna
Such lovely photos of the park. The wisteria this time of year is so beautiful even if it looks like it's killing some of the trees. That cookbook looks very interesting. Let us know if you come across any really good recipes.
Rhondi xo

Tara said...

Of course, Donna, any good recipes must be shared with your pals (please?)


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I am loving the Wisteria and Dogwood blossoms....absolutely amazingly beautiful! Too many adjectives in a row? I can't help it I am so starved for blooms....come on Mother Nature, it's time to bring it to PA! :-) Rosie

Donna said...

The Wisteria is Gorgeous!!! And what fun finds at the Goodwill! I'll have to visit ours again...more closely!lol...have a wonderful night sweetie!hugs

Mary Isabella said...

I just came across your blog. Such beautiful Spring pictures....Mary

Donna said...

Like the new header!!! Have a fun day sweetie!hughugs

Susie Q said...

Beautiful photos and oh how I love wisteria!

That precious cookbook is quite a sweet found treasure!

Smooches to your lovable doxies!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hi Donna! So nice to find your blog! I love the beautiful wisteria that you photographed. I was visiting my Mother just today and her neighbor had several extremely tall trees that were just dripping in wonderful wisteria! I wish I had taken my camera along with me because I so much wanted to take a photo of it to share on my blog. Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Sunnispace said...

Cool cookbook, Mom, and I love the copper spoons!!