Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring weather

Otis and Riley and I had a fabulous time outside today. The weather was warm and spring-like so it gave me a chance to do some gardening, one of my most favorite things! I went to the garden center early this morning and picked up some flowers.

I planted pansies and snapdragons in some pots and put them on the patio and then put mulch down along the stone pathway in the back yard. I pulled a lot of weeds and cleaned out the flower beds.

Out front of our house there was a small magnolia tree that had sprouted by itself under one of the holly bushes. I knew eventually I had to get it out of there and plant it somewhere else. So I dug it up and transplanted it in the front yard. It's almost 3 feet tall. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it will live.
What a great day it's been, being able to have lunch outside on the patio and soaking up the sun. I know we still have a few more weeks of cold weather but I feel like I got a jump start on spring!


Miss Maddie's said...

The flowers are beautiful, the sunshine divine and Otis and Riley just too cute for words!
I bet they love soaking up the sun.
Thanks for popping in for a visit.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

You just described a perfect day! I am itching to pull weeds :-) Rosie

Deb said...

Otis and Riley look like they are having a wonderful day! Your flowers look so pretty. Snapdragons are one of my daughter's favourite flowers and we always have them in the garden too - we made them "talk" when she was little :-} There are a few Magnolia trees in our neighbourhood and they are magnificent in bloom.

Sheila said...

Your garden looks lovely. I am so looking forward to spring. I like to plant pansies as well, I love their little faces.
Lunch on the patio sounds wonderful..

Sunnispace said...

Wow - Mom, I can't believe you found a wild magnolia tree growing in the back - fantastic! Yes, I hope it can hang on... rain tomorrow! That should be good for it!

Mary said...

Donna, I think you are ahead of us this spring! Your gardens look lovely. We are new in this house - only been here for two years. I have high hopes for more gardens but it takes time. In a few years, I think I'll be pleased.

I'm only in the "thinking about weeding" stage and you are planting! :o)

Mary said...

Hi Donna,
Don't you just love those "volunteers?" It's like getting a gift you didn't expect! I can't wait to have a day like yours, but it's either too cold or too muddy here yet...

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Donna, Sounds like you had a wonderful day outside. I have two magnolias that have self sprouted too. They are both a couple of feet high now and need to be moved. Another chore. :) Lynn