Friday, March 7, 2008

The Shamrock

Such a pretty plant the shamrock is, I like how green and fresh it looks and how it closes it's leaves at night as if it's going to sleep and then awakens in the morning light.

I've received an award from dear Alexandra at Silver Bell Cottage. Thank you Alexandra! Alexandra makes my day too and she has a lovely blog where you can read some of her incredible poety and see her sweet Milo. I am going to pass this on to all the wonderful people who visit me each day and make my day!

Wishing you all a happy weekend!


Abby Creek Art said...

I have a shamrock plant too...I love the little white flowers that bloom.

Your art always makes my day too, sweet Donna!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I almost bought a shamrock plant the other day at the grocery store and passed it by. I might have to go back and get it!

Congrats on the award! Everytime I look at one of your pieces of art I have, you make my day!

Tara said...


Congrats on the award, love stopping here to see what you and the dachs are up to--always something great!


Sunnispace said...

Love your shamrocks, Mom, they are so delightful!!

See you soon! :)