Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Closets and clothes

Today I decided to clean out my closet, something I knew needed to be done but just never in the mood to do.

I sorted and organized and tried on a million things; I couldn't believe how much didn't fit, sweaters that were too itchy and wouldn't be worn, colors I didn't like, and things that were not in style anymore ~ not that I'm really a stylish person, but just old old clothes. I also discovered things I didn't even know I had and tried them on too. It was fun to put some new outfits together.

FINALLY I got some orderliness to it. Wow, the closet looks great and I feel good.

There are now three bags of clothes and one bag of shoes that need to be dropped off at Goodwill.

And that's done.


Suzanne said...

Congratulations! It does feel good to 'start fresh'. Please visit my blog, I'm passing along an award to you.

Sheila said...

Hi Donna... just catching up on some posts that I missed. It seems we are all cleaning our nests..!
It feels good doesn't it..!