Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is it spring yet?

After New Year's I'm SO ready for spring and since it's been unseasonably, wonderfully, warm these past few days, and since I'm feeling better and getting over my cold, I thought I'd do some cleaning and redecorating. I put away most of the heavy, winter things and brought in the light and airy.

A small cypress evergreen Galen gave me for Christmas.
Some paperwhites I put in a vase.
A flowered throw pillow on the sofa.
A bird vase my daughter gave me for Christmas (it's a passenger pigeon).
More plants and a frog paperweight on the side table.
An old antique bird painting on the wall.

Christmas cactus.

Bird paperweight on the coffee table.

Herbs in a pot painting that I did.

I was able to have the doors open to let in the fresh air and it was absolutely delightful. You can see Otis and Riley sitting on the back porch enjoying the day (that's their toy squirrel beside them). You're probably also wondering what that thing is hanging at the top of the picture on the dining room chandelier.

It's a hanging garden ornament that says, "Gardeners live in the most beautiful places...because they make them that way."

And so I'm counting the days till spring when I can be happily out in the garden again!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Ahhh Spring.....your pictures make it feel like it's right around the corner. Love that painting you are such a talent :-)

bj said...

Wow...spring! Out here in West Texas, it's at LEAST May before we even think of spring. Once spring gets here, the wind and sand start to blow so spring is my least favorite time. I do love summer, tho!
Your spring things look sooo pretty. We are still using our throws and afgans so they will stay out awhile.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Donna, it's so nice to meet you! I don't think I've been by here before & your blog is a delight. Love Otis & Riley...I'm very partical to dachsunds as I had 2 at different times growing up. They are preciouse doggies!

I love your art & you are very talented. I see we share a love of gardening too. Aren't you glad you moved South?! I know a lot of folks are coming down this way for the weather alone. I look forward to coming back & visiting you often.

I'll add you to my links!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Oh Spring...we love it when everything is blooming and looks so fresh and new...

smiles, kari and kijsa

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love the poppy throw pillow!! Everything is so beautiful and does remind me that spring is around the corner! We had rain all day today in this part of NC...

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oops! Also wanted to say, that I LOVE the painting you did!!

Deb said...

You have such a pretty home Donna. The painting you did is absolutely gorgeous!
Have a wonderful weekend.

farmerjulie said...

I am readuy for spring too..there has been alot of snow fall out here. Lovely pics Donna!..thanks!

Abby Creek Art said...

Me too...bring on spring!

So happy to have you visit my blog, Donna. I've been having such fun going through yours...and Otis and Riley are adorable!

kate said...

It looks as if spring is much closer there than it is here. Those are beautiful photographs. I especially liked the paperwhites one.

Mary said...

Oh, I am so ready for spring! It's funny, but I do the same thing here after putting away the Christmas things. I have scattered lots of green and white and flowery things around to fool myself into thinking it's spring! :) I may have to do a post on that, too...hmmm

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sheila said...

We are still bundled up against the cold..! I have decided to buy some potted spring bulbs this weekend, to cheer the house up. I love your painting of the herbs, beautiful..

Suzanne said...

Oh, your yard and your home look like Spring has already arrived, we still have some snow on the ground! Love the Herbs in a Pot painting that you did!

Sunnispace said...

Love these pictures and that passenger pigeon! What a perfect gift for you!!

Anonymous said...

Spring is such a lovely time of year in the garden. I can understand why your fingers are itching to start planting. Mine do that too.

I love your swinging garden lady.

Anonymous said...

I have tagged you for a Meme. Come and have a look!


Rhondi said...

hH I love your bright and airy spring things. Where did you get that garden ornament? I want one! I live in NC too and I love to see signs of spring in the garden. I have daffodils up 3" out of thr ground and the camellias and hellebores are blooming. Nice to meet a fellow North Carolinian. Rhondi

GardenGoose said...

love the hanging ornament and all of your lovelies actually. looks so very nice/'s the little special touches that make a house a home.

Nan - said...

What does the sign on your garden fence say? I can't even make my mind head toward thoughts of spring. Let's see, end of February, end of March, end of April, and then a bit of May before the daffs appear. I bet you are thrilled you don't live in the north!