Monday, December 17, 2007

Lighting of the candles

We have a tradition in our neighborhood that started about 5 years ago when one of the ladies down the street got the idea to "light up our neighborhood on Christmas". The neighbors were willing to participate so a few of us ladies and hubbys got together and made the candle sticks out of wood which stand about 4 feet high, painted them black and fit them to hold a candle and a glass globe. We got the globes at an outlet which helped with the cost, then decorated them with red bows. We all decided that we would line our walkways with the candles and depending on how long your walk way is, you could have from 4 to 8 candles in your front yard. We have six.

So Sunday night we lit our candles. It all looked so festive and gives a feeling of unity in our neighborhood that I hope will last for a long time.


Deb said...

What a wonderful tradition & nice neighbourhood to live in! Otis and Riley looked adorable in your last post!

Mary said...

Oh what a lovely tradition! We have several neighborhoods that do luminaria each year, and we love to take a Christmas eve drive to see all the lights.

Thanks for sharing, Donna, and have a wonderful Christmas!

Sheila said...

How lovely it looks too. It's so nice when neighbours get together and create something like this that becomes tradition.
It could look even nicer with some snow...shall I send you some..?
BTW..I'm sorry but I have tagged you, see my blog..!

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful tradition!'s simple and elegant for the season.