Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas cookies

Time for baking cookies. I've been so busy with other things that I'm only now getting around to it! I pulled all of my cookie recipes out the other night and started baking this afternoon.

It's now evening, I'm tired and the kitchen is a mess and I'm still not finished.
So I'm going to get a glass of wine, prop my feet up and continue baking tomorrow. Enough for one day!
These are my favorites. Peanut Blossoms!


Anonymous said...

Those cookies look irristable. Bet ya can't hide em.
Red Rover

Deb said...

I love your kitchen Donna!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those peanut butter with chocolate kisses are soooo good.

Sunnispace said...

My favorite, too, Mom! And, I'm so glad that YOU make them every year!! :)

Sandy said...

Lovely kitchen and those are some of my favorite cookies too! YUM! I'm lucky though if I have enough kisses left for the cookies after opening them all.

Have a great weekend.
Sandy ;)

Kari & Kijsa said...

Yumm, yum, munch, munch (hope you don't mind that we just had to taste one of those fabuous cookies! And the kitchen... beautiful!

kari & kijsa

bj said...

Hi, Donna...I'm bj and pleased to meet you. I found your hubby's blog and he led me on to you. And, here, I ran head first into such fabulous looking cookies!! Yummmm...they look delicious.
I start my cookie making today...we've (granddaughter and I) made a few batches of candy but none of us can stay out of it so guess I'll need to make a little more.
These cookies of yours will have to be in the bunch we make, too!
Please stop by to see me sometime...and I'll be back by your place often..