Monday, November 26, 2007

The holidays

Why is it that this time of year I get myself in a state of panic and everything gets crazy! That over-whelming feeling of so much to do and not enough time to get it done.

My daughter would tell me, "breathe deeply".

And so I will try.

One thing at a time!

Today I will be dragging decorations down from the attic and decorating. Shopping can wait till tomorrow, or maybe next week ~ I haven't even made my lists yet! And of course, there's art and craft projects, hair appointment this week, grocery shopping and Christmas cards! Maybe cutting back on my coffee intake would help!

Ok, breathe deeply.


Nunnie's Attic said...

No, it's the coffee that keeps you going! Good luck with everything and always gets done.


the feathered nest said...

Oh no, I think MORE coffee is in order LOL! Don't make yourself crazy - all the important things will get done!

Otis and Riley look like grea helpers in the garden!


Anonymous said...

You've Got Mail and Under the Tuscan Sun are two of my faves, too. Have you seen The Painted Veil...not light, but certainly passionate.

Mary said...

One year I just decided I didn't need to do cards anymore -- what a relief! Now I only send out to those who send us one. Is that being a Grinch? Too bad, so sad. And the decorating should be only as much as makes you happy. Period. Internet shopping is wonderful -- you can do it in your jammies. Sit and enjoy your coffee -- somehow everything always gets done!

Maggie R said...

Hi Donna,
First of all thanks foe visiting my blog..... and your nice comments on my fabric boxes....
Yes the Christmas season sure brings on panic attacks!!!
I have stopped worrying about it a long time ago, I send handmade cards to a few of our old friends, Usually give the kids and grandkids money wrapped in a little something special, DH does the decorating, and I look after the cooking end. I have made special shortbread for years and they all look forward to that.
Somehow it all gets done.
With my business and my Etsy I am always scurrying to get the orders done... so what was I doing the past week..... Sitting, sipping tea, and handquilting on a snowman quilt I appliqued a while ago(Queen size). Won't be done before Xmas but the process of handquilting is so peaceful. I guess it is where I go to unwind..... Enough unwinding.... things to do!VBG
Time seems to slip away very quickly , but everything gets done. sometimes just under the wire!!!!
SOOOOOO. I suppose I will go refresh my morning coffee, and contemplate the day....
Blessings of the season to you
Maggie in Canada

Sheila said...

Somehow when December 25th arrives we have everything in place. I have really tried to simplify things a little each year, and it makes the season much more fun.
Yes, deep breath, and every time!

Sunnispace said...

Haha! Yes, Mom - just like my bumper sticker... Everything will get done in perfect time!